All alternative, at times Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: All alternative, at times

Solution: NONE

NONE Definition 1:
Not any of a group of people or things :no amount or part of something .
None of this was necessary.
Why are all the guests standing in the kitchen and none sitting in the living room?
Half a piece is better than none.
The frozen yogurt tastes like ice cream but has none of the fat (that ice cream has).
Though the languages are related they share almost/virtually none of the same vocabulary.
None of it is finished yet.
“Can I have some soup?” “I’m afraid there’s none left.” [=there is no more soup; no soup remains]
None of the birds was/were singing.
Of all the competitions, none is/are more important than this one. = Of all the competitions, there is/are none as important as this one.
To cut back on cholesterol my doctor said I should eat less meat or none at all.
“You have no doubts?” “None whatsoever.”
This is none of your affair/business. [=you should not interfere in this situation; it is not proper for you to say, do, or ask anything about this]

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