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Question: As compared to

Solution: THAN

THAN Definition 1:
used to introduce the second or last of two or more things or people that are being compared used with the comparative form of an adjective or adverb see also other than at other rather than at rather.
Ten is less than 20.
She is younger than I am. = (somewhat formal) She is younger than I.
He can run more quickly than his father (can).
Both recipes use more salt than mine (does).
The situation will improve sooner than you think (it will).
The meeting will end no later than noon. [=it will end at noon or some time before noon]
Losing weight is easier said than done. [=is difficult to do]
I would rather go out to dinner than cook at home tonight.
Your hair looks better (when it’s) brown than (when it’s) blond.
She would rather/sooner work four jobs than move out of Manhattan to live somewhere cheaper.
THAN Definition 2:
used to say that something happens immediately after something else .
Examples:Hardly/scarcely had the sun come up than dark clouds began to roll in.No sooner had I spoken than he appeared. [=he appeared immediately after I spoke]

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