“As if!” Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: “As if!”

Solution: NOT

NOT Definition 1:
used to form the negative of modal verbs (such as “should” and “could”) and auxiliary verbs (such as “do” and “have”) .
He would/could not stay.
We have not spoken with them.
It may not be fast, but it’s reliable.
That kind of behavior should not be allowed.
He did not seem to care.
NOT Definition 2:
used before a verb or clause to make it negative or give it an opposite meaning see also not to mention at mention.
They gave us the option of not attending.
She told me not to do it.
You are not to go there without permission.
He seemed not to care.
It’s odd, but that’s not to say [=that does not mean] that it’s bad.
NOT Definition 3:
used with a word or phrase to make it negative or give it an opposite meaning see also not a few at few.
The books are not here.
No, that’s not what I said.
That’s not funny!
That is not necessarily true.
You’re not always right.
You are not the only one who is worried.
She is not (at all/very) pleased/happy.
I’m not happy or sad, just bored.
It is not as easy as it seems.
Things are not going well.
He is not guilty.
He lives not far from here.
“Are we there yet?” “Not quite.”
“Is there any left?” “Not much.”
It is not just/only/merely [=more than just] a novel; it is a literary classic.Not many [=few] people showed up.
NOT Definition 4:
used with a negative word to make a positive statement .
Their request is not unreasonable. [=their request is reasonable]
His experience is not unusual. [=others have had similar experiences]
“What do you think of the food?” “It’s not bad.” [=it’s pretty good]
NOT Definition 5:
used humorously at the end of a positive statement to show that you really meant the opposite .
That’s very interesting—not! [=that’s not interesting]
NOT Definition 6:
Less or fewer than .
He was standing not six feet away from me.
The bullet passed not five inches from my head!
Not all of us agree. [=some of us do not agree]
Not everybody finds her work interesting. [=some people find her work boring]
NOT Definition 7:
used to refer to a possible situation, condition, etc., that is different from or opposite to another situation, condition, etc. often used in the phrase or not .
The planet is sometimes hard to see and sometimes not. [=and sometimes easy to see]
It works in theory if not in practice. [=even if it doesn’t work in practice]
Believe it or not [=whether you believe me or don’t believe me], we were there just last week.
Ready or not, here I come!
Like it or not, you’ll do as he says. [=you’ll do as he says whether you like or don’t like it]
NOT Definition 8:
used to give a negative answer to a question .
“Do you think they forgot?” “I hope not.”
“Should we go?” “I’d rather not.”
“Do you think it’s true?” “Probably/Certainly not.”
“Do you mind?” “Not at all.”

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