As well Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: As well

Solution: TOO

TOO Definition 1:
In addition :also often used for emphasis .
We are selling the house and the furniture too.
He saw something, and she saw it too.
“I’m hungry.” “Me too.”
I want to go too!
My new girlfriend is funny and pretty—and rich too. [=besides]
He lost his job—and right after he bought a house too.
We decided not to go out that night. And it was a good thing too, because we had a big snowstorm.
He finally proposed to her. It’s about time too.
TOO Definition 2:
More than what is wanted, needed, acceptable, possible, etc. see also too bad at bad too much at much.
The soup is too hot.
The offer was too good to refuse.
This shirt is way/much too big for me.
I’m too old for rock concerts. = I’m too old to go to rock concerts.
She is much/far too young to be watching this movie.
Thank you for your donation. You are too kind. [=you are very kind]
You gave me too many cards.
I have too much to do.
He works much too hard.
You work too slowly.
Slow down. You’re talking too fast.
Don’t stay too long.
It’s too late to do anything about it now.
Her efforts to improve her grade were too little, too late. [=her efforts were not enough and not soon enough to make a difference]
She knew all/only too well [=unfortunately, she knew very well] what the punishment would be.
This kind of mistake happens all too often. [=happens more often than it should]
TOO Definition 3:
To a high degree or extent :very or extremely used in negative statements .
I’m not too [=so] sure that he’s right. [=I think he may be wrong]
The climb up the mountain was not too hard.
The students didn’t seem too interested.
She’s not doing too well.
He doesn’t seem too upset.
It is not too cold outside.
He was none too pleased [=he was not pleased] to hear that I didn’t do what he asked.
TOO Definition 4:
Most certainly .
“You’re not strong enough to lift that box.” “I am too.” [=I am so; yes, I am]
“I didn’t do it.” “You did too.” [=yes, you did (do it)]

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