At close range Crossword Clue Answer

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Question: At close range

Solution: NEAR

NEAR Definition 1:
Close to someone or something in distance often used figuratively .
I hope that dog doesn’t come any nearer (to me).
Be sure to have a fire extinguisher near at hand. [=close enough to reach easily]
We’re getting nearer to the truth.
We came very near to canceling the trip. [=we almost canceled the trip]
Her new book is good, but it doesn’t even come near to her first book. [=it is not nearly as good as her first book]
NEAR Definition 2:
Not far away in time .
The end of the long winter is near. [=it will happen soon]
He became more nervous as the day of the wedding drew near. [=approached; got closer]
NEAR Definition 3:
Almost or nearly see also nowhere near at nowhere.
The plant was near dead when I got it.
A near perfect score
The job is (damn/damned/darn) near impossible.

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