August 26, 2018 NetWord Crossword Answers

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No different from
Stuff in shakers
Reef builder
Mottled T-shirt
Forgo help
Senator Snowe’s hometown
Fully set
Jogging pace
Sitcom breaks
Rugged rides, for short
Took charge
Sandy spot
Shopper’s romp
Latched onto
City founded as a mining camp
Poker bump
Prego competitor
__ out a victory
”Theme Park Capital of the World”
Bring to mind
Director Anderson
Some beachfront units
Amtrak unit
Showy garden shrub
Keep (out)
Thing of the past
Put up
Entry-level position: Abbr.
Steel mill city
Longing feeling
Come into one’s own
Lowly workers
Decide to drop
Base for beer
Before now
Contributing element
”__ dreaming?”
Dress code details
Where Wilt Chamberlain went to college
Pilot light fuel
Hera’s hawkish boy
City with a ”cowboy up” philosophy
Take after
Aquatic weasel
Actor Quinn of ”Elementary”
Trait carrier
Place for rouge
Cologne scent
Phony panacea
Where Nike got started
Doesn’t bother to zap
Amount consumed
Assessor’s calculation
J.D. awarder in Palo Alto
”Vertical transportation” giant
Now proven
Manner of speaking
Band’s travel plans
Ship that carried Heracles
With no slack
Golf pro Ernie
Produced for the theater
Cut and paste, perhaps
Name on the cover of ”The Fountainhead”
Become agitated
Much of Libya
Campus environment
USPS deliveries
Minimal amount
Starter like anti-
Exodus 14 locale
Left the ground briefly
Storybook story
Designer Diane __ F├╝rstenberg
Utter unclearly
Sound heard in ”Snow White . . .”
Extremely uncommon
Has a bug
Merit badge org.
Dugout furniture
Angelic feature
Seats of conceit
Pods that may be pickled
Country mail rte.
Five-star general’s nickname
Coming up soon
Kept cool, perhaps
Spanish surrealist
Operatic song
Emerald measure
Actor Baldwin
Peace Nobelist Walesa
Absolut alternative
HMO personnel
One Benjamin
”Waterloo” group
Box spring supporter
Arrange logically
Meditative practice
”__ pronounce you . . .”
Corporate marriage
Baghdadi, for one
Something seen on a class ring
Office greenery
Uncommon blood type, for short
Sends a duplicate email to
Tiger’s habitat
Simpsons creator Groening
”Makes sense”
What fills some gauges
What butter may be made from
Source of ”Kwanzaa”
Unkeyed, in music
Brown weasels
Special benefits
Amounts harvested
Versified tribute
Arrive in time
”For sure!”
BLT spread
”Much obliged,” in Bonn
Black aquatic bird
PD personnel
Qualifying race
Substantive content
Andersen title adjective
Human spirit
Spot for a tot
Earth-friendly prefix
Half of ”deux”
Campground visitors: Abbr.
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