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Question: Calls a halt to

Solution: STOPS

STOPS Definition 1:
To not move, walk, etc., after doing so before .
She was walking toward me, and then she suddenly stopped.
The bus stopped at the corner.
He stopped to watch the sun set.
She had to stop to catch her breath. = She had to stop and catch her breath.
He stopped to pick up a penny.
The car was going so fast that it couldn’t stop in time.
The traffic light turned red, so she had to stop.
Stop. [=halt] Who goes there?
I stopped (dead) in my tracks [=stopped suddenly] when I saw the bear.
STOPS Definition 2:
To cause (someone or something) to not move, walk, etc., after doing so before .
Stop that man! He stole my wallet.
They stopped us at the border to check our passports.
She stopped the car and turned back.
He was stopped by the police for speeding.
The goalie stopped [=blocked] the ball/shot.
The sight of the bear stopped me (dead) in my tracks.
STOPS Definition 3:
To not do something that you have been doing before :to not continue doing something no obj + obj .
He constantly teases her and never knows when to stop.
We’ve been working all morning. It’s time to stop and take a break.
The boss said that he was unhappy with some of his employees, but he stopped short of naming which ones. [=but he did not say which ones]
Did you ever stop [=pause] to think about the risk you took?
She never stopped to consider how her decision might affect others.
Can you please stop what you are doing to help me?
I stop work at 5 o’clock.
The phone stopped ringing.
Stop arguing/talking/running.
She stopped [=quit] smoking last year.
The patient suddenly stopped breathing.
His heart stopped beating.Stop it/that or I’ll tell Mom.
STOPS Definition 4:
To make (someone or something) no longer do something :to keep (someone or something) from continuing to do something often + from in U.S. English .
I’m leaving and you can’t stop me.
Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before.
It’s too late. There’s no stopping them now. [=they can’t be stopped now]
(Brit) I couldn’t stop him crying.
I couldn’t stop him from crying.
He stopped [=restrained] himself from laughing out loud.
Nothing can stop me from leaving.
Environmentalists tried to stop them from cutting down the trees.
There is nothing to stop you from going.
We need to stop the disease from spreading.
STOPS Definition 5:
To cause (something) to end :to end (something) .
The teacher stopped the fight.
We need to stop the violence in our city.
They tried to stop the bleeding.
STOPS Definition 6:
To cause (a recording) to not play .
She stopped the CD because it was skipping.
We stopped [=paused] the movie to grab some snacks.
STOPS Definition 7:
To no longer happen or exist :to end .
The music suddenly stopped.
The path stops about halfway up the mountain.
The rain had stopped by the time we left. [=it was not raining anymore when we left]
STOPS Definition 8:
To suddenly not work or function .
The engine just stopped.
His heart stopped.
STOPS Definition 9:
To not travel during a journey for a short period of time in order to rest, eat, etc. + for .
We stopped for lunch.
We need to stop for gas. [=we need to get gas]
We stopped for a night in Atlanta. [=we stayed in Atlanta for a night]
STOPS Definition 10:
To go to a place during a journey .
I’ll stop for a short visit.
The tour stops in several cities.
STOPS Definition 11:
To make a brief social visit see also stop by stop in stop off stop over (below).
I’m not stopping. [=staying] I just wanted to drop this off.
STOPS Definition 12:
To close, block, or fill (a hole) usually + up .
He stopped his ears with his fingers. [=he put his fingertips in his ears so that he couldn’t hear]
She stopped up the cracks with plaster.
The sink is stopped up [=blocked] with food.
STOPS Definition 13:
To tell your bank not to pay a check .
I called to stop payment on the check. = I called to stop the check.
STOPS Definition 14:
To take (money) from something often + from .
£200 will be stopped [=withheld] from your wages next week.
STOPS Definition 15:
To stay or remain see also stop in stop out stop up (below).
I am stopping at home.

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