Canadiana Crossword Answers April 25, 2022

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Nombre of Canadian rivers longer than 2000 kilometers CINQ
Possesses HAS
Praise LAUD
Two-toed sloth UNAU
ET, perhaps UFO
Hun king ATLI
Second Greek letter BETA
Japanese Prime Minister, formerly ITO
Nombre of Canada’s official languages DEUX
Dynamite, abbr. TNT
Foot part TOE
Mother of pearl NACRE
Express gratitude THANK
White heron EGRET
Fuss APO
Nombre of nations bordering Canada UNE
Mason’s tote HOD
Ruffian YOB
Expression of disapproval FIE
Me, in Montmartre MOI
Hindu teacher SWAMI
Plains Indian UTE
Consume EAT
Woe betide ALAS
Nombre of Canadian time zones SIX
Diplomacy TACT
Nombre of Canadian lakes over 18000 square kilometers SEPT
Lah’s partner TRA
Flightless birds EMUS
Some are platinum HITS
Tuberous root YAM
Computer key DELE


Baby bear CUB
Elephant or adamant follower INE
Natalie, to her pals NAT
Nombre of Canadian mountains over 5100 meters QUATRE
Nombre of Teams in the Canadian football league HUIT
Nautical rear AFT
Consoled SOOTHED
Burdened LADEN
Inuit knife ULU
Nombre of Canadian provinces DIX
After expenses NET
Unsophisticated one OAF
Nombre of Canadian-born Governors General NEUF
Hindu god of fire AGNI
Fisherman’s tote CREEL
Nombre of major Canadian television networks TROIS
Inuit canoe KAYAK
Major _____ POMO
Theatre award OBIE
Frankness HONESTY
Floor covering MAT
Resort SPA
Dampened WETTED
Ejects OUSTS
Bat wood ASH
Hawaiian welcomer LEI
Likely APT
Irish paramilitary org. IRA
Soul, in Ste Agathe AME
____ de sac CUL
Half a fly TSE
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