Canadiana Crossword Answers August 23, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Start of an Easter prayer LORD
It is, to Tennyson TIS
Chickpea stew OLIO
Mythical bird ROC
Easter prayer part 2 SENDYOUR
Gangster’s gun GAT
Receptor EAR
Throat condition STREP
Negations DENIALS
Get wind of HEAR
Kind of blind? VENETIAN
Easter prayer part 4 AND
Easter prayer part 5 RENEW
Recreation spot SPA
Impaired one’s hearing DEAFENED
Sometimes seen on a screen BLIP
Sea shores STRANDS
So so mark CEE
That woman SHE
Graf ______ SPEE
Easter prayer part 8 THEEARTH
Overrule VETO
Scots topper TAM
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Singer Edith PIAF
Friend, in Falaise AMI
Besmirch SPOT


Gatos or Negros LOS
Hurray, in Hidalgo OLE
____ Tin Tin RIN
A kind of gait TROT
Gambler’s promise, abbr. IOU
Shown in a theatre SCREENED
Easter prayer part 3 SPIRIT
Arafat’s org PLO
Dine EAT
Genetic info DNA
Sound off YAP
Again ANEW
Fishes SHADS
Belief TENET
Navigation aid RADAR
Yukon natives DENES
Passageway AISLE
Blue stone LAPIS
Levesque, for one RENE
Easter prayer part 7 FACEOF
Damages BREAKS
Easter prayer part 6 THE
Partly SEMI
Letters denoting “If you please” SVP
Smallest prov. PEI
Itinerary ref. ETA
A kind of actor HAM
Rend RIP
Small integer TWO
Strike HIT
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