Canadiana Crossword Answers August 30, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


_____Lords a’leaping TEN
North _______ POLE
Appends ADDS
Route, abbr. RTE
Wading bird IBIS
_____calling birds FOUR
Article AN
______pipers piping ELEVEN
Fifth sign of the Zodiac LEO
Double up PARLAY
Mature AGE
Pixie ELF
Tuberculosis, for short TB
______ golden rings FIVE
______french hens THREE
Elevated railway EL
______ Alamos LOS
Deserves EARNS
China’s Chairman, once MAO
Overtime, abbr. OT
No ________ SIREE
Drug buster NARC
Dad PA
Oh, God EGAD
_____geese a’laying SIX
Utmost NTH
Doddering SENILE
______ turtle doves TWO
________drummers drumming TWELVE
In the event that IF
Dregs LEES
Healing herb ALOE
Despised tax, for short GST
Briton CELT
Highland valley GLEN
The ____, Manitoba PAS


Horse-drawn conveyance TRAP
Bunsen burner ETNA
Compass pt. NE
Rice dish PILAF
Do as you’re told OBEY
Roman 54 LIV
Expert or legal follower ESE
Air Force, abbr. AF
Distribute sparingly DOLE
Owing DUE
Marque letters SRO
She, in Chicoutimi ELLE
Nostrils NARES
Revolutions, slangily REVS
Command right GEE
Sea eagle ERNE
______ Quebecois BLOC
Failure FLOP
Scarlett’s domain TARA
_______maids a’milking EIGHT
A kind of skirt MAXI
Sun ______ SET
_______ladies dancing NINE
______swans a’swimming SEVEN
Christmas NOEL
Gin type SLOE
Mona _______ LISA
Newts EFTS
Tender loving care, for short TLC
Tiny WEE
Jokester WAG
Annex ELL
Saint, abbr. ST
A kind of Dr. GP
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