Canadiana Crossword Answers December 06, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Mercury, Neptune and Pluto GODS
Television’s Robert _____and drum FIFE
This minute NOW
Indigo ANIL
Big screen theatre IMAX
Prefix for gram and bar ISO
Clavicle or femur BONE
Global cobbler BATA
Criticize harshly PAN
Middle Sch. ELEM
Television’s Tom ____ Kent CLARK
Dominant newsman Craig ____ Cromwell OLIVER
Station, abbr. STA
Surrenders CEDES
Open-liner Ray _____ Adler CHARLES
____ which way ANY
Plaything TOY
About the mouth ORO
CBC’s Evan ____ Grundy SOLOMON
Corrode SPALL
Dine EAT
Television’s Oh ____ Champ HENRY
Top notch AONE
Imitate APE
Ship’s boat DORY
Frolic ROMP
CBC’s Oedipus ___ Murphy REX
Similar AKIN
Hockey’s Nolan ____ Smyth RYAN
Cuddle PET
Fraser River town YALE
Fashion magazine ELLE


Chat GAB
Lennon’s love ONO
Racket DIN
Coat part SLEEVE
Filament FIBER
Moslem leader IMAM
Obese FAT
Skill knife EXACTA
Inebriant NIPA
Narrow ridges OSAR
Scholar WONK
Actor Nielsen, familiarly LES
Roman household god LAR
Wood sorrels OCAS
Late night television star LENO
Romantic interlude IDYL
Timid SHY
Deceive CON
Bank offering LOAN
Vended SOLD
Child TOT
Poet’s over OER
Distress call MAYDAY
Male heir SON
Literature’s Saint _____ Berton PIERRE
Journalist Andrew ____ Machine COYNE
Ancient stringed instrument HARP
Fencing sword EPEE
Queue call NEXT
Plant part ARIL
Scene of 1990 Mohawk uprising OKA
Olive ____ OYL
Prefix for feasance MAL
Vancouver expo PNE
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