Canadiana Crossword Answers December 13, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Oner ACE
Adjutant AIDE
With 37 Across, Ontario community PORT
Canter RUN
Donkey cry BRAY
Affirm AVER
With 51 Across, Alberta community MEDICINE
Moon Goddess LUNA
Objectives ENDS
With 1 Down, British Columbia community SALMON
With 43 Down, Nova Scotia community GLACE
Arabian fruit FIGS
About aviation AERO
Goalies hangout CAGE
TO’s time zone EST
Exploit USE
Scientific disciplines MATHS
Youth org. YPU
Sixties drug, abbr. LSD
You get it on the back APAT
Plant part AXIL
With 43 Down, popular TV series WATCH
Borrowing power CREDIT
Ball point BIRO
Crown of the head PATE
Bra size ACUP
Alley LANE
Info later TBA
Theatrical bit SKIT
Greenstreet and others SYDS
Chapeau HAT


Pitcher’s asset ARM
Billiard necessity CUE
Pleased someone ENDEARED
Alphabet’s first five ABCDE
Perennial flower IRIS
Matheson or George DAN
Burial garments PALLS
Egg cell OVUM
Gambling destination RENO
Car part, for short TRAN
Nickel mining acronym INCO
Matures AGES
A French person GAUL
Opposite of more LESS
Deadly FATAL
Seats of Government CAPITALS
Dentist’s concern EYETOOTH
Hamilton newspaper, slangily SPEC
Backside TUSH
Long skirt MAXI
With 37 Across, plastic cash CARD
Highly skilled ADEPT
Vintages WINES
Certain pros CPAS
With 51 Across, a storage place RACK
Lady’s small purse ETUI
With 1 Down, worn in mourning BAND
A large inlet BAY
Basketball org. NBA
Took a seat SAT
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