Canadiana Crossword Answers December 21, 2020

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Start of a Lightfoot lyric THELADYITS
Significant _____ OTHER
Legendary sprite FAERIE
One who shoes horses FARRIER
“No” to Hibernians NAE
Part 2 of our Lightfoot lyric SAID
Printers org. ITU
Castilian cheers OLES
Barge SCOW
Board mbr. DIR
Letters denoting against VS
Par 4 of our Lightfoot lyric UP
Eastern potentate AGHA
Canadian Rlwy. CN
Energy unit ERG
Salt in Saguenay SEL
Letters before Kenna or Crimmon MC
Part 6 of our Lightfoot lyric DEAD
Atlantic prov. NS
Centilitre, for short CL
Dickensian exclamation BAH
Mongolian dwelling YURT
Scandinavian Capital OSLO
Civil defense org. EMO
Many a Swedish swain LARS
Pet of Prince Andrew once KOO
Respond REACT
Metallic element GALLIUM
Prefix denoting straight ORTHO
Merriment GAIETY
Part 3 of our Lightfoot lyric NEVERGIVES


Part 5 of our Lightfoot lyric HER
Greek goddess of discord ERIS
Nigeria’s locale AFRICA
Currency of Alg. DA
Up until now YET
Rage IRE
Putrifactive SEPTIC
Part 10 of our Lightfoot lyric OFNOVEMBER
Afrikaans TAALS
CEO helpers EAS
Part 11 of our Lightfoot lyric TURNGLOOMY
Harasses DOGS
Took to court SUED
Part 7 of our Lightfoot lyric WHEN
Victim PREY
As well ALSO
Ancient France GAUL
Made advances CAMEON
Tote along DRAG
Power, slangily CLOUT
British statesman Sir Samuel____ HOARE
Comedy preceder TRAGI
Part 9 of our Lightfoot lyric SKIES
Balkans native SLAV
L. Robertson’s network CTV
Part 8 of our Lightfoot lyric THE
Falsehood LIE
Hosp. facility OR
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