Canadiana Crossword Answers February 01, 2021

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Below are Canadiana February 01, 2021 Crossword Answers. We have changed the way we posting answers and solutions for clues; instead of opening them in a new page we are revealing answers and solutions in the same page. This is the simplest way for you to find the answers. As you see in the left side are crossword clues and in the right side are crossword answers.

Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


_____River, New Brunswick BLACK
Friend, in Fatima AMIGO
Sheep’s coat FLEECE
Full of stars STARRY
Bellow ROAR
Tell on RAT
Actress Patricia NEAL
Of the Indian subcontinent INDO
No, in Dundee NAE
Auld lang follower SYNE
Edward, familiarly ED
Mount ____ , Newfoundland PEARL
General Manager, abbr. GM
Sequential SERIAL
Italian city NAPLES
Shade tree ELM
Me, in Montreal MOI
Celtic tongue GAELIC
____ grass, Saskatchewan YELLOW
Rural Municipality, for short RM
Asperity RIGOR
Blood classification RH
Recedes EBBS
_______Deer, Alberta RED
Sorcerers MAGI
Fitzgerald, for one ELLA
Israeli port ELAT
Of the nervous system NEURAL
Amino acid LYSINE
Take hold of SEIZE
Political trophies? SEATS


Gentleman’s preference, perhaps BLONDE
Base metal LEAD
About aircraft AERO
Cubic centimeter, for short CC
Metric ton, abbr. MT
Fleming and others IANS
______ , Saskatchewan GREY
______ ville, Ontario ORANGE
Burger accompaniment FRIES
Masses of matter YLEMS
Preferred credit rating AAA
Uzbek plateau PAMIR
More crippled LAMER
Female Ruff REE
Unwell ILL
Politician, slangily POL
_____Abner LIL
_____field, Nova Scotia GREEN
Strolls AMBLES
Mountain valley sounds YODELS
Church features ORGANS
_____horse, Northwest Territories WHITE
Command right GEE
______River, British Columbia BLUE
East Indian frock SARI
Desert feature MESA
Landed ALIT
Snowbird’s destination, abbr. AZ
Biblical you YE
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