Canadiana Crossword Answers February 08, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Night wear, slangily PJS
Clouds do this on windy days SCUD
Culture medium AGAR
Sweltering HOT
The Regina Leader _____ POST
Bell or sky preceder BLUE
Twosome DUO
Bizard and Perrot ILES
Foretell BODE
Fanatic RABID
Patriotic hymn ANTHEM
Aspects FACETS
Commercial event SALE
Bookish NERDY
Sneaky SLY
Lodgepole and Knobcomb PINES
Performance GIG
Imprudent speed HASTE
_____ Hari MATA
Oversee DIRECT
Shopping malls PLAZAS
Sluggish INERT
Push on PROPEL
Space exploration org. NASA
Prophet SEER
Until, condensed TIL
Blue dye ANIL
Sov. Union USSR
Intertwine TAT
Tear apart REND
Proboscis NOSE
Terminate END


Post grad. degree PHD
The Edmonton ______ JOURNAL
With determination STOUTLY
Volleyball manoeuvre SPIKE
Functions USES
Alcoholic’s acronym DTS
Abbot’s tenure ABBACY
The Toronto ____ and Mail GLOBE
Check the books AUDIT
Marsh features REEDS
Senor Gueverra CHE
Auto parts RADS
Donkey ASS
The Winnipeg______ FREEPRESS
Tolkien tree dweller ENT
Seato or Nato PACT
The Montreal _______ GAZETTE
Fermi or Ferrari ITALIAN
Argon or radon GAS
The Calgary ____ HERALD
Chart MAP
Iraqi currency DINAR
Assinine INANE
Pine tar RESIN
Actor Peter LORRE
Mexican currency PESO
The Vancouver _____ SUN
Ford nameplate LTD
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