Canadiana Crossword Answers January 25, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Give off EMIT
_____Hills, Alberta. TWO
_____ Islands, Nova Scotia FIVE
Moolah CASH
Promissory note, so to speak IOU
Not down UP
Rose shaped badge ROSETTE
You and I WE
Stitch SEW
Chop HEW
Foreigners ALIENS
Carton BOX
______ Sisters Mountain, British Columbia SEVEN
Work unit ERG
Cereal OAT
Machinist’s tool DIE
Actress, Myrna ____ LOY
Route, abbr. RTE
Flexible and quick AGILE
Immerse DIP
Most secure SAFEST
No, to Normand NON
Turf SOD
Tellurium symbol TE
_____ Mile House, British Columbia SEVENTY
Any thing IT
Being, in Beausejour ETRE
B to F CDE
Otherwise ELSE
An armed force NAVY
Fish eggs ROE
Italian Capital ROME


Euro currency ECU
Treasure seeker’s aid MAP
Part of the verb “to be” IS
_____ Hills, Alberta THREE
It is, condensed TIS
Misery WOE
Not in OUT
Flotilla FLEET
Roman 2 II
Promise VOW
Compass pt ENE
Possesses OWNS
Subsequently THEN
_____ Island Lake, Quebec SIXTEEN
Hesitant LOATH
Swamp grass SEDGE
_____ Rivieres, Quebec TROIS
Home of Pharaohs EGYPT
Roman 7 VII
Teenager’s worst fear ACNE
Orient EAST
Snoopy NOSEY
Antechamber FOYER
_____ Mile Lake, Newfoundland TEN
Itinerary ref. ETA
Video recorder, for short VCR
National capital EDO
Born of NEE
Doctrine ISM
Recreational veh. RV
__ and behold. LO
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