Canadiana Crossword Answers July 18, 2022

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Greatest Canadian nation builder MACDONALD
Half a fly? TSE
Mountainous ALPINE
Canada’s greatest international jurist ARBOUR
Truckers tech CB
Greatest Canadian peacekeeper PEARSON
Polish currency (abbr) ZL
Auction action BID
Snooze SLEEP
Prompt CUE
Baseball’s Slaughter ENOS
Receptor EAR
Some service club members ELKS
Promotes TOUTS
Mid-east desert SINAI
Young sow GILT
Greatest Canadian cancer fighter FOX
Transparent CLEAR
Lady of song LOLA
Charles, abridged CHAS
Int. news agency UPI
Males HES
Digger of fifties TV ODELL
Hosp. unit ER
Sound systems STEREOS
Yes, to Sergio SI
Print errors ERRATA
Activity ACTION
Canadian whiskey RYE
Comforting (var) SUCCORING


Shakespeare character MACBETH
Pigmentation anomaly ALBINO
Cdn. news agency CP
Bathe DIP
Cole’s sidekick NEALE
Light sources LASERS
Descend DROP
Toronto, slangily TO
Greatest Canadian environmentalist SUZUKI
Gardner and others ERLES
Canadian news org. BN
One-time Blackhawk coach REA
Greatest Canadian Premier DOUGLAS
Early auto horns CLAXONS
Piggy places STIES
____ Gay ENOLA
P. Hearst abductors SLA
Word before only IF
The “Fuddle duddle” man TRUDEAU
Greatest Canadian medical innovator BANTING
Greatest Canadian hockey broadcaster CHERRY
Opens a website LOGSON
Applaud CHEER
In an PER
Intestinal ILEAC
Baseball’s Mel and kin OTTS
Crazy LOCO
One of the Americas (abbr) SA
Juan de Fuca e.g. STR
Business letter ref. RE
Roman 2 II
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