Canadiana Crossword Answers July 20, 2020

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Ms Leghorn HEN
Chaucer or Milton POET
Rears AFTS
Literary collection ANA
Stringy LANK
Impale GORE
Music Hall of Fame inductee 1987 LOMBARDO
Spoil RUIN
Swindle FLEECE
The p in mph PER
Theodore, so to speak TED
Grants CEDES
Pale WAN
Calendar mo. APR
Alliance AXIS
Diffident SHY
Inspiration IDEA
English Breakfast, for one TEA
_____Paulo SAO
Possession ASSET
Heavy metal OSMIUM
Actress Gardner AVA
Angry bear or bull ROARER
The ____ 1989 Music Hall of Fame inductee BAND
The _______ 1984 Music Hall of Fame inductee CREWCUTS
Language of Sanskrit URDU
Charlie’s woman OONA
Popular veh. SUV
Transaction DEAL
Cool, in a way HIP


Part of a Roughrider game HALF
Organic compound ENOL
Accuse NAME
Locations PLACES
Propelled a dory OARED
Finale END
Boxing ref’s call TKO
Come to terms AGREE
The ______1984 Music Hall of Fame inductee FOURLADS
Pod or motor preceder TRI
Part of a yen SEN
Some are noir BETES
Play on words PUN
Delicately unbalanced FAY
Fencing weapon EPEE
Mild expletive DRAT
Roman statesman CATO
Previous spouses EXES
The _____1984 Music Hall of Fame Inductees DIAMONDS
The Guess ____ 1987 Music Hall of Fame inductee WHO
The record man SAM
Newton, for one ISAAC
Go to court SUE
Asian river INDUS
Hockey venue ARENA
_____1994 Music Hall of Fame inductee RUSH
Handbag ETUI
Invitation acronym RSVP
Derelict BUM
Macaws ARA
Endangered food fish COD
Caviar ROE
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