Canadiana Crossword Answers July 25, 2022

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Exploit DEED
Recede EBB
New ____ , Nova Scotia ROSS
Ancient Irish tongue ERSE
Sea, in St Pierre MER
Biblical to UNTO
Legume BEAN
Smallest Prov. PEI
Goulash STEW
Bon ____ MOT
Mafioso’s machine gun GAT
New _____ , Nova Scotia ALBANY
New _____ , Alberta DAYTON
Coconut fibres COIRS
MPH word PER
Civil defence org. EMO
Zwieback RUSK
Lady bird HEN
Trot or canter, for example GAIT
Prefix denoting equal ISO
Stifle GAG
Story, long ago GESTE
New _____ , British Columbia DENVER
Priest’s vestment ALB
Rate of rotation, abbr. RPM
Cheese BLEU
Edible wood sorrel OCA
Truant AWOL
Skinny LEAN
Promise to pay NOTE
Boost TOUT
Canadian Whiskey RYE
Himalayan hulk YETI


Grey, to her pals DEB
Poetic before ERE
Hockeyist Tikkanen ESA
New _____, New Brunswick DENMARK
Exhaust EMPTY
Neighbourly quilting BEE
New _____, Alberta BRIGDEN
Corroded RUSTY
Neighbour of Minn. ONT
RC honoree STE
Miss Piggy SOW
Switch positions? ONS
Swiss river AAR
Pungent ACRID
Vermin LOUSE
Buffalo bull BISON
Leaves out OMITS
Jottings NOTES
New _____ , Newfoundland HARBOUR
New ____ , Nova Scotia GERMANY
Goop GEL
Saddleback GAP
Self-praise VAUNT
Whooper? CRANE
Deli fave BLT
Lion sign LEO
____ de Cologne EAU
Weep CRY
Misery WOE
Baseball’s Mel OTT
Flowery greeting? LEI
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