Canadiana Crossword Answers May 03, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Charlottetown airport ID YYG
Plays cat and mouse TOYS
Whitehorse airport ID YXY
Corrode EAT
Woodworking tool ADZE
Moon region MARE
Rob a retailer SHOPLIFT
Arab nation OMAN
007’s creator IAN
Unsteady TIPSY
Vesicles CYSTS
Fashion magazine ELLE
Greenish blue AQUA
Sluggers stat RBI
Gives rise to emotions STIRS
Storm part EYE
Attribute TRAIT
Habits WAYS
Incites EGGS
____when? SINCE
Renege WELSH
Moncton airport ID YQM
Yesteryear YORE
Wayfaring TROUPING
Court order WRIT
Handbag ETUI
Romanow or Thomson ROY
Command right GEE
Dweeb NERD
Letters denoting second sight ESP


Yes, slangily YAH
Muscle car letters GTO
Samoan monetary units TALAS
Norse God ODIN
Yellowknife airport ID YZF
Immigrant SETTLER
Sweet potatoes YAMS
Radiologist’s concern XRAY
Japanese money YEN
Mini bike MOPED
Flat bread PITA
Essex or Monarch CAR
Quebec City airport ID YQB
Outfit SUIT
Exudes EMITS
Actor Connery, for one SEAN
Slumps SAGS
Use a torque wrench TIGHTEN
Calgary airport ID YYC
Compass pt ESE
Rent again RELET
Weakling WIMP
Octopus SQUID
Had on WORE
Neighbour of Huron ERIE
Belonging to you YOUR
Winnipeg airport ID YWG
Road map ref. RTE
Anger IRE
Our, in Outremont NOS
Bilk GYP
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