Canadiana Crossword Answers November 08, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Struthers


Spaces GAPS
Again ANEW
Nimble APT
A yoke of _____ OXEN
On your own SOLO
Captured Sgt. POW
About aviation AERO
Centre or gram preceder EPI
One of the 5 W’s WHEN
Deliverers ICEMEN
Hot tub part JET
A skulk of _____ FOXES
Tube for body fluid VAS
Accounting designation, for short CPA
Fruity dessert FLAN
Faded DIM
A grist of ____ BEES
Veggie YAM
Calendar item, abbr. MON
Rabbits HARES
Sensory organ EYE
Up to date MODERN
A sloth of _____ BEARS
Respiratory organ LUNG
Sought office RAN
Comet part TAIL
Shade of brown ECRU
Toronto time, abbr. EST
Not in use IDLE
Source ROOT
A clowder of _____ CATS
Indefinite number SOME


Indian city GOA
Chopping tool AXE
Capita or annum preceder PER
Winter carnival frequenters? SNOWMEN
Shade tree ASPEN
Part of speech NOUN
New wing ELL
A pack of ____ WOLVES
Pinnacle APEX
Top Roman Catholic POPE
He is, abridged HES
A thing IT
Chancy IFFY
Pepsi or Coca COLA
Test of knowledge EXAM
Sandwich spread JAM
Wine, in Verdun VIN
Member of British nobility PEER
Ms Deer DOE
A cete of _____ BADGERS
Believer MYSTIC
Term of endearment HON
Royal monogram ER
A span of _____ MULES
Donkey talk, (variation) BREY
Relieve EASE
A colony of ____ ANTS
Feature of some voices LILT
Lady’s given name ADA
Pigeon sound COO
Computing acronym ROM
Plains Indian UTE
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