Canadiana Crossword Answers October 05, 2020

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Ancient OLD
European mountain range ALPS
Part-time employee TEMP
Neither NOR
Despicable VILE
Golf club IRON
Scrooge’s given name EBENEZER
World’s longest river NILE
Own, in Edinburgh AIN
Uplifted BUOYED
With 34 Across, Scrooge’s famous expletive HUMBUG
Tangle MAT
Peterborough to Pembroke dir. ENE
Chow EAT
Filmed record FICHE
With 21 Across Scrooge’s famous expletive BAH
Walter Brooks’ talking horse MRED
Something to face? MUSIC
Computer memory, abbr. ROM
Part of the verb to be ARE
Food rechewed CUD
Turk’s tunic CAFTAN
Sustenance UPKEEP
Room or hall preceder REC
Gaze lasciviously OGLE
Wrangler’s disciplinary device BULLWHIP
Rich dessert FLAN
Word before house and after hall TREE
Go wrong ERR
Containers TINS
Do in SLAY
Refs decision TKO


God bless us ___ and all ONE
Loft LOB
Idealists DREAMERS
Dundas or Spadina AVENUE
Elizabeth, to some LIZ
Commoner PLEB
Body fluid SERUM
The little grace sayer TINYTIM
Lake between Ontario and Huron ERIE
Shape MOLD
Vancouver Ex PNE
Bill NIB
Clod OAF
Ship’s wheel HELM
Two-toed sloth UNAU
Prattle GAB
Salt TAR
Scrooge’s bookkeeper CRATCHET
Queen of the gods HERA
British Prime Minister or Manitoba hamlet EDEN
He authored A Christmas Carol DICKENS
Ad __ HOC
Prompt CUE
Scrooge’s protagonist Jacob MARLEY
Things owed DEBTS
Hardly any FEW
Citrus hybrid UGLI
Blueprint PLAN
Knitter’s stitch PURL
Frequently, to Browning and others OFT
Pasture LEA
Gall IRK
Weir or Hnatiuk PRO
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