Canadiana Crossword Answers September 12, 2022

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Ont. police force OPP
Printer’s concern EMS
Vehicle CAR
Metric weight TONNE
Salesman, so to speak REP
____, Alberta (var.) SHEPARD
Unoriginal CORNY
Sexual desire LUST
Paddy product RICE
Instruct TEACH
_____, Saskatchewan MATADOR
Old horses JADES
Sodium symbol NA
Allow to mature AGE
Hindu princes RAJAS
Max’s opposite MIN
Myself ME
Flavour SAPOR
Cape ____ , British Columbia COOK
_____ , British Columbia PREMIER
Natives of Finland FINNS
Thanksgiving turkeys TOMS
A kind of bread PITA
Measuring device GAUGE
Substance susceptibility ALLERGY
Strange ODD
Certain Stars NOVAE
Toronto Ex CNE
Honey maker BEE
United Nations Secretary General, once THANT
German person HUN


Officers training sch. OCS
Exclamation of disgust PAH
______, Saskatchewan PRELATE
Secrete STASH
A civil wrong TORT
Partner of or, sometimes AND
Within IN
Declaims RECITES
Was mistaken ERRED
Male persons MEN
_____Hill, Saskatchewan SPY
Purplish colour PUCE
Wood sorrels OCAS
Navigation technology RADAR
Anxious EAGER
____, Saskatchewan MAJOR
Ubiquitous veggie ONION
Witticisms JAPES
______, Alberta MONARCH
Air pollution SMOG
Refer to CITE
Musical composition ETUDE
Cut of beef FILET
Organize PLAN
Mariner GOB
Lemon or orange follower ADE
Ms Gardner AVA
African antelope GNU
Japanese currency YEN
Expression of surprise OH
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