Canadiana Crossword Answers September 13, 2021

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Author: by Bernice Rosella and James Kilner


Samoan Capital APIA
Stripling LAD
Goose _____ STEP
Fall down PLOP
Isaac, informally IKE
Hog _______ WASH
NHL-er Darcy ROTA
Crow call CAW
Opposed ANTI
Dog _____ WATCH
Potato pancake LATKE
Till HOE
Bat making material ASH
Colourer CRAYON
Counterfeit PSEUDO
Cat _____ NAP
Metric meas. MIL
Do over RETYPE
Beguiled VAMPED
Suffer AIL
Self EGO
Chicken ______ DANCE
Horse ______ LAUGH
Duck ______ WALK
Damone or Lynn e.g. VIC
Fox _____ TROT
Pinnacle ACME
Get it wrong ERR
Arctic animal HARE
Use a tabloid READ
Phyte or plasm preceder NEO
Word heard New Years eve SYNE


Spring Mo. APR
Farm implement PLOW
Scintilla IOTA
Lassitude APATHY
Letters denoting alias AKA
Hanging fold DEWLAP
Swaddle SWATHE
Type of top TANK
This, to Fernando ESTE
Greek letter PHI
Dove call COO
Donkey ASS
Rlwy. CNR
Former Ontario Premier RAE
Quick APT
Cube DIE
Stale OLD
Graphic, in computerese PIC
Soccer team ELEVEN
Foolproof fastener VELCRO
Turkish title AGA
River parts MOUTHS
Food fish DACE
____ Mater ALMA
Parliamentarian Herb, for one GRAY
Bull _____ HORN
Armed conflict WAR
Anger IRE
Ball supporter TEE
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