Clara Schumann Works, E.g. Crossword Clue Answer

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Definition 1:
Sounds that are sung by voices or played on musical instruments often used before another noun see also chamber music country music folk music soul music.

Listening to live/recorded music
This is one of my favorite pieces of music.
Performing music in front of an audience
Dancing to the music of a big band
They are writing/composing music for a new album.
A song with music by George Gershwin and words/lyrics by Ira Gershwin
Classical/popular music
They like to make music [=play or sing music] with friends.
The play/poem was set to music. [=music was written to go with the words of the play/poem]
background music [=music played while something else is happening]
The music industry
A music video [=a video recording of a performance of popular music]
Definition 2:
Written or printed symbols showing how music should be played or sung see also sheet music.

He is learning to read music.
A music stand [=a holder on which printed music is placed so that a musician can see it while playing or singing]
Definition 3:
The art or skill of creating or performing music .

She studied music in college.
music theory
Definition 4:
A pleasant sound .

The music of a brook
Her words were music to my ears. [=I was very happy to hear what she said]

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