Code Letter Crossword Answers April 30, 2022

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Crossword: by S.N.


#3 name on the most #1 albums list BARBRA
Knuckle on RAPAT
Precedential reference CASELAW
Director whose parents were a screenplay team EPHRON
Convinced, and then some COCKSURE
Elegantly done SOIGNE
Sanctions OKS
Kennedy Center singer/songwriter honoree with Seiji and Cicely CAROLE
They’re seen on many fall-issued stamps MADONNAS
How some choose to think ALOUD
The subconscious mind NONEGO
Exertion DINT
“See all the outfits you can make” merchandise GARANIMALS
To some extent ANY
“Sunday Morning” correspondent MOROCCA
Speakeasy accessory BOA
Most of westernmost Detroit SEMICIRCLE
Recess NOOK
Clear and present danger MENACE
Hiding place for Achilles HORSE
Are assets of BELONGTO
Goes toward a gate TAXIES
Word from the Turkish for “lord” AGA
Possibility for polishing TOE
Post-liftoff announcement PERIGEE
Seventh century pontiff JOHNIV
Determine definitively PINPOINT
It’s on you ATTIRE
Ring with silver, say RESOUND
Forward from Philly SIXER
Port named for a war god ODENSE


SOS, for instance BACKRONYM
Begins a court trial? ASKSOUT
Turned over RESOLD
“Double Fudge” creator BLUME
__ bird RARE
Emotion that sounds sympathetic AWE
Literary justification APOLOGIA
Ancient excerpt from Aristophanes PHI
National Archives’ Declaration preservative ARGON
Mighty Dump Truck maker TONKA
Hugo and Nebula Award winner for kids’ novella (2003) CORALINE
Natural finish NESS
Hummers in summer CICADAS
Limb limiter MANACLE
#1 in African tourist arrivals MOROCCO
“Designation” NOM
Do a job on PBS NARRATE
Term first used for a legendary Italian ABORIGINE
Something to clear up LOOSEEND
Certain carafe + cups SAKESET
“The Queen of Country” MCENTIRE
Thumber’s qualification IMO
Unwholesome NOXIOUS
Don’t let go HARPON
West Coast state, familiarly BAJA
Andrew Lloyd Webber and Richard Rodgers EGOTS
McGarrett’s mom on “Hawaii Five-0” LAHTI
Not chilling TENSE
Polychromatic, as pigeons PIED
Downer of a noun/verb/adverb/interjection NIX
Golf __ PRO
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