Code Letter Crossword Answers August 03, 2022

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Crossword: by Bruce Venzke


Cumbersome to carry BULKY
Coalition of politicians BLOC
Chunk of concrete SLAB
Nose-horned safari beast RHINO
Lion’s cry ROAR
Pepsi or Coke COLA
Unconfirmed report RUMOR
Golden Rule preposition UNTO
Ripened, as cheese AGED
Peddle merchandise HAWKONESWARES
NYSE debut IPO
Point opposite SSW NNE
Guide a car STEER
Attention-getting whisper PSST
Basic cable network TBS
Israeli airline ELAL
Made a landing ALIT
Husbands of countesses EARLS
Be evasive in answering DUCKTHEQUESTION
Stand up ARISE
Supply the money for FUND
Degs. in finance MBAS
Winter hrs. in Colorado MST
Evening, in some ads NITE
“No more for me, thanks” IMSET
“__ favor” (please, to Ruiz) POR
Incoming plane stat. ETA
Echo words unthinkingly PARROTAPHRASE
One-liner, for example JOKE
Convent residents NUNS
Leans slightly TILTS
Yale students ELIS
Delve __ (investigate) INTO
Standard of perfection IDEAL
Hamilton’s currency TENS
First son in the Bible CAIN
Very recently NEWLY


“It’s freezing in here!” BRR
Informal denial UHUH
Capital of Peru LIMA
Be aware of KNOW
Silky-haired terrier, for short YORKIE
Shoe designer Magli BRUNO
__ Star State (Texas) LONE
Grains in granola bars OATS
Headgear for queens and kings CROWNS
Frighten SCARE
Theater tier LOGE
Beverages like beer ALES
Not well-behaved BAD
TV host Winfrey OPRAH
Poker-pot starters ANTES
Speaks unclearly SLURS
Unspoken but implied TACIT
Antlered cousins of deer ELKS
Make angry PIQUE
Surprise greatly STUN
Large family TRIBE
Overstuff BLOAT
Government-issued IDs SSNS
Dutch cheese EDAM
Walked away LEFT
24-hr. cash dispensers ATMS
Male choir voice TENOR
Author Wharton EDITH
Amusingly unexpected IRONIC
President Van Buren MARTIN
Smooth out with an iron PRESS
Japanese printer brand EPSON
Global top or bottom POLE
Similar (to) AKIN
__ fish sandwich TUNA
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Workplace assistant AIDE
Large quantity SLEW
List-ending abbr. ETAL
Plane without propellers JET
Guileful SLY
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