Code Letter Crossword Answers August 06, 2022

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Crossword: by Anna Stiga


Programs that “Forbes” ranks MBAS
Cuts off LOPS
Force out EJECT
Settled down ALIT
Verb used in codes ABET
Product of forging METAL
“Beauty is neither an appearance __ being”: Sartre NORA
What Germans call “Weissburgunder” PINOTBLANC
French president’s term QUINQUENNIAL
Gone now USEDUP
Sushi bar array EELROLLS
Far from the usual EERIE
Common contents of bookcases OAK
Boston-born literary lion POE
Hershiser in ’88, Pujols in ’04 NLCSMVP
“Honorable” acronym added by Merriam-Webster in 2019 EGOT
Snail cousin SLUG
Medal of Freedom recipient “whose work graces skylines worldwide” IMPEI
Keeps going, and going, and going . . . YAKS
Marking on some mugs HERS
“Father” to “père,” per Wikipedia COGNATE
Further AND
Charades category GAG
Celebratory writer ODIST
Certain stay-at-home spouse HOUSEDAD
One wearing a “horsy” helmet BRONCO
Kona Snorkel Tour participant WHALEWATCHER
In a sorry state REMORSEFUL
Fair pair TENS
In which “aroha” means “love” MAORI
Stood ROSE
Its Toffee Crunch was launched last January OREO
Cop op STING
Speed or spree TEAR
Spins, for short REVS


Unsuccessful MANQUE
Type of top BLOUSE
Not as dense AIRIER
Sports section staples STANDINGS
Take with relish LAPUP
Annual theater company grant OBIE
Tubes with ridges PENNE
Baker of artisanal breads STONEOVEN
Board for a trip EMBARK
Berry Cookie Cups ingredient JELLO
Project projection ETA
Know how CAN
Special handling TLC
America’s #4 most-consumed seafood TILAPIA
“__ travail!” (“Too much work!”: Fr.) QUEL
Louise Suggs Rookie of the Year awarder LPGA
Observation invitation LOOK
Gets fixed SETS
Loud buzzers CICADAS
Weather-related anagram of STORM + GALE SMOGALERT
“City” stat MPG
One concerned with your points of view EYEDOCTOR
Word in the etymology of “checkmate” SHAH
Automotive advice columnist LENO
BBC Asian Network language URDU
Battery, for example TORT
#1 vote getter for MLB’s All-Century Team GEHRIG
“Psst!” follower INHERE
One of four in “Romeo and Juliet” SCENEV
Museum pieces TORSOS
Renounced, with “off” SWORN
Pioneer of realistic fiction DEFOE
Paper recycling machinery BALER
DC’s CBS station WUSA
B&B facilities RMS
Take sides, say EAT
Yours truly MOI
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