Code Letter Crossword Answers December 31, 2020

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Crossword: by Doug Peterson, edited by Stanley Newman


Put on the wall HANG
Fruit-filled desserts TARTS
Imitates APES
Not-so-sweet smell ODOR
Atlanta campus EMORY
Objective GOAL
Strike a stance POSE
Group of witches COVEN
Haywire AWRY
Montana nickname TREASURESTATE
Gives a heads-up to ALERTS
OED entries WDS
Street-corner shout TAXI
Bathwater tester TOE
”The West Wing” Emmy winner ALDA
Panache ELAN
On display SHOWN
Walled Spanish city AVILA
In the distance AFAR
Fox musical series GLEE
Rev.’s speech SER
Physique BODY
Old verb ending ETH
”Psst!” HEYYOU
Shortened, as a board SAWNOFF
Crunchy message holder FORTUNECOOKIE
Shimmering stone OPAL
Shout of approval BRAVO
Electee of 1908 TAFT
Chocolate choice DARK
Sat around IDLED
Summer Olympics event EPEE
Award for a soap EMMY
Rock guitarist Eddy DUANE
Military addresses SIRS


”Get cracking!” HOPTO
Deck out ADORN
Long time follower NOSEE
Chinese tourist attraction GREATWALL
Legendary Shawnee leader TECUMSEH
Dean Martin song topic AMORE
Wander far and wide ROVE
Very, in Vichy TRES
English-class subject SYNTAX
Banded stone AGATE
Belt sander, e.g. POWERTOOL
Sideburn neighbor EAR
Shifty SLY
”Science Kid” of TV SID
Eminent roster ALIST
Colonial era settlement TOWNE
Good judgment SENSE
Chewy candy TAFFY
Tolstoy heroine ANNA
Inundated AWASH
Flood control structure LEVEE
Milker’s workplace DAIRYFARM
Fill with ammo LOAD
Sopranos hit them HIGHNOTES
Small drum TABOR
Long-distance requirement AREACODE
Offer more than OUTBID
”Terrible” age TWO
Like eggs YOLKY
Early evening SEVEN
Giraffe relative OKAPI
Military band member FIFER
Big celebrations FETES
Language of Pakistan URDU
”The Lion King” lioness NALA
High-flown verse ODE
Country singer Tillis PAM
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