Code Letter Crossword Answers January 02, 2021

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Crossword: by Anna Stiga, edited by Stanley Newman


The least bit of concern HOOT
Flavors TASTES
US stamp series subject of 1945-46 FDR
George I predecessor ANNE
”__ Variations” (Beethoven piece) EROICA
Cherished DEAR
Sound effect REVERB
Suit tag letters REG
Ottoman conquest of 1458 ATHENS
Plenty of nothing GOOSEEGGS
Video category ANIME
Serving and protecting ONPATROL
Havana? No STOGIE
Like a lot, perhaps AUCTIONED
Second-string players? CHARACTERACTORS
Odin’s wife in 2011’s ”Thor” RENERUSSO
”Real” thing ESTATE
Murphy, per O’Toole’s Corollary OPTIMIST
Cheaters SPECS
Hall of Famer, by definition ENSHRINEE
War zones SECTORS
Marimba mallet material RATTAN
Burning sensation IRE
City on New Providence NASSAU
Not for here TOGO
Flop DUD
Hall of Famers, by definition GREATS
Venerable boarding school ETON
Ibsen character ASE
Tchaikovsky’s ”Souvenir de Florence,” e.g. SEXTET
Becomes careless NODS


4.184 gigajoules, vis-à-vis TNT ONETON
Having bounced once ONAHOP
Peace Nobelist after Anwar and Menachem TERESA
Less windy TERSER
Consist of ARE
Brit’s gold coin SOV
Galleries TIERS
Color close to cream ECRU
10-time ”’Muscle & Fitness” cover subject FERRIGNO
Not as practical DREAMIER
What botanists call ”Ambrosia” RAGWEEDS
Realize NET
Honker SNOOT
Blame takers GOATS
Works with a certain stick GLUESON
HHH successor as VP STA
Cuts short CROPS
Shakespearean title character CRESSIDA
Ship in a Longfellow poem HESPERUS
Go before ANTECEDE
Laugh, perhaps REACT
Salon offerings ARTSONGS
Stimulus CUE
Main point THRUST
Spousal __ IRA
Tot’s coat attachment MITTEN
Proteus, e.g. SEAGOD
Fine drawer features TENONS
County northeast of London ESSEX
Exceptional RARE
Waited SAT
Took in ATE
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