Code Letter Crossword Answers January 10, 2019

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Crossword: by Mark McClain, edited by Stanley Newman


Coding flaw BUG
Starling cousins MYNAS
Vacation selections SPAS
Naval facility BASE
Software package SUITE
Vacation selection TRIP
With 40 and 64 Across, congratulatory choices FISTBUMPOR
Frosty coating RIME
Skylit courts ATRIA
Sample to analyze SPECIMEN
NFL great Aikman TROY
Was hardly alert NAPPED
Withdraw, with ”out” OPT
More inclusive BROADER
Area near Trafalgar Square SOHO
Entertainer Falana LOLA
Unit of info DATUM
Quiltmaking group AMISH
Black-and-white predator ORCA
Trojan’s deific ally ARES
Boardinghouse patrons ROOMERS
Obstinate equine ASS
Priest’s subordinate DEACON
Cross-country equipment SKIS
Fitness regimen AEROBICS
Social events GALAS
Received, as dividends DREW
See 16 Across ORHIGHFIVE
Feast (upon) DINE
Nary a soul NOONE
Throw out EMIT
Number on a class ring YEAR
Embarrassing outburst SCENE
Cabbage color RED


Caster’s supply BAIT
Comic’s unfortunate query GETIT
E. Lansing school MSU
”Very tasty!” YUM
Squeaks by in competition NIPS
Sitting on ATOP
Unworried SERENE
Steakhouse choice STRIP
Get prettied up PRIMP
Rock singer Mann AIMEE
While away SPEND
Degree for a filmmaker BFA
Catty comment BARB
Bridge requirement CARDS
Airport near Paris ORLY
”Hey there!” YOOHOO
Hazard pictogram regulator OSHA
”Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” at first POEM
Tangy Asian cuisine THAI
Startle significantly ALARM
Social events DANCES
Doctor show sets ORS
Expression of surprise AHA
Where ”GWTW” begins TARA
Certain beach party instruments UKES
Disarrange MESS
Heart movement THROB
Not in operation, in theater lingo DARK
Edible pearls ONIONS
Wistful sound SIGH
Family nickname DADDY
Odd and frightening EERIE
Part of many NBA venue names ARENA
Pull back from fear COWER
Better protected SAFER
Reptilian sunbather CROC
Something to tie SHOE
Common salsa ingredient LIME
Enthusiastic AVID
All arranged SET
Small hotel INN
Expression of surprise GEE
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