Code Letter Crossword Answers January 12, 2022

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Crossword: by Mark Mcclain


Harvard U.’s state MASS
Pasta nutrient, for short CARB
Greek cheese FETA
Women’s chorus section ALTOS
Prefix meaning ”height” ACRO
”You can count on me!” IMIN
Judge’s domain COURTOFLAW
Abandon suddenly JILT
100% complete ENTIRE
Casual cotton tops TSHIRTS
Fighter jets’ HQ AFB
Tennis great Sampras PETE
Drain the strength of SAP
Observable area FIELDOFVIEW
Person from Istanbul TURK
__-la-la (song syllables) TRA
Starchy side dish, slangily TATER
”Garfield” pooch ODIE
__ Domingo (Caribbean capital) SANTO
Infamous Roman emperor NERO
Silent performers MIMES
Liquid lubricant OIL
Give off, as light EMIT
Investible cash obtained from a group POOLOFFUNDS
Get the point of SEE
Song for a couple DUET
Degree for many a prof. PHD
Disentangle UNSNARL
Get one’s bearings ORIENT
Optimistic emotion HOPE
”Burning” Johnny Cash tune RINGOFFIRE
Crude cartel OPEC
__ about (approximately) ONOR
Men’s chorus voice TENOR
”Darn it!” HECK
Used to be WERE
Repetitive learning ROTE


__ and cheese (kids’ lunch) MAC
Natural balm ALOE
Daze or amaze STUN
Somewhat, so to speak SORTA
Informal eatery CAFE
Knee MRI target ACL
For mature audiences RRATED
Greets formally BOWSTO
South Pacific nation FIJI
Mideast monarch EMIR
Lean to one side TILT
Pests in a pantry ANTS
Difficult to bend STIFF
Planetary paths ORBITS
Lift with difficulty HEFT
Think through carefully PLANOUT
Jump up and down (on) STOMP
Sound from a loudspeaker AUDIO
First rate, informally PRIMO
Chapter of history ERA
Gadget atop a barn VANE
Strange and scary EERIE
Inscribed WROTE
Spine of a ship KEEL
Metal in bronze TIN
Seasoned expert OLDPRO
Bubbly beverage SODA
Brow line FURROW
Leopard or lion FELINE
Change gears SHIFT
Delay for a while DEFER
”Looks like trouble!” UHOH
Informal refusal NOPE
Design detail, for short SPEC
Thin part of a guitar NECK
Fairy tale fiend OGRE
Spanish boy NINO
Leisurely run TROT
Neither here __ there NOR
Before, in poetry ERE
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