Code Letter Crossword Answers January 14, 2019

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Crossword: by Sandy Fein, edited by Stanley Newman


Minor mistakes SLIPS
Touch on the shoulder TAP
Ceramic holders for flowers POTS
__ Academy (Annapolis military school) NAVAL
Change for a five ONES
A Great Lake ERIE
”Humble” residence ABODE
Rung of a ladder STEP
Money paid to a landlord RENT
Very convincing, as an argument PERSUASIVE
Fold-up beds COTS
Crafty SLY
Follow __ leader THE
Reverberate ECHO
__ in (introduce gradually) PHASE
Bagpipers’ skirts KILTS
Marathon or sprint RACE
Enormous BIG
Looked without blinking STARED
Clock’s wake-up sound ALARM
”The Big Apple”: Abbr. NYC
Boulder or pebble STONE
Football throws PASSES
Serving of butter PAT
Probability stats ODDS
”Button-down” garment SHIRT
More factual TRUER
Line of stitching SEAM
Letters after ems ENS
601, in Roman numerals DCI
Casual conversation CHAT
Flawlessness PERFECTION
Thick cord ROPE
Wild animal’s den LAIR
Scarlett of ”Gone With the Wind” OHARA
Sign of the future OMEN
Otherwise ELSE
Extend a subscription RENEW
Toward sunset WEST
Catch sight of SEE
Make fun of TEASE


Breaks sharply SNAPS
Clothing tag LABEL
Elephant’s tusk material IVORY
Writing tablets PADS
Private eye SLEUTH
Adds at no extra cost TOSSESIN
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
”Pet” annoyance PEEVE
Coffee-making machine PERCOLATOR
Sandwich cookie brand OREO
Windshield coloring TINT
Complete collections SETS
Bits of dust SPECKS
”Moby-Dick” captain AHAB
Chart-topping songs HITS
Unwilling to give up PERSISTENT
Cairo’s nation EGYPT
Walked heavily TROD
Mail away SEND
Sharp door knock RAP
”That’s too bad” ALAS
What a teller dispenses CASH
__ Moines, IA DES
Insignificant MERE
Without a worry CAREFREE
Fasten together, as papers STAPLE
Take on a date ESCORT
Breakfast and dinner MEALS
Prince William’s mom DIANA
Innermost apple parts CORES
Extremely impressed INAWE
Black bird CROW
Residence HOME
Chimps and gorillas APES
Stand up RISE
”My country, ’tis of __” THEE
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