Code Letter Crossword Answers January 15, 2019

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Crossword: by Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Throat-clearing sound AHEM
A __ in the right direction STEP
Be suddenly terrified PANIC
Kingly address SIRE
Cincinnati’s state OHIO
Untruthful ones LIARS
Reminds continually NAGS
Not yet achieved, as goals UNMET
Intensifying a situation UPPINGTHEANTE
Inspirational slogan MOTTO
High-school math course TRIG
Sorrowful SAD
Double-curve letter ESS
Faucet TAP
Used-merchandise transaction RESALE
”Easy to clean,” in adspeak NOMESS
Luau instruments UKES
Gaining an unfair advantage STACKINGTHEDECK
Bullfight beast TORO
T-bone and sirloin STEAKS
Decides one will OPTSTO
2001, to Caesar MMI
Pocketbook BAG
Tire pressure measure: Abbr. PSI
Aspirations AIMS
Health care pro NURSE
Emulating others FOLLOWINGSUIT
Oyster’s gem PEARL
Short memo NOTE
Great Salt Lake state UTAH
Game show host EMCEE
Nevada city RENO
Teach one-on-one TUTOR
That woman’s HERS
Attention-getting sound PSST


Take for granted ASSUME
Large African beasts HIPPOS
Spews lava ERUPTS
Deserve to receive MERIT
”Is __ so?” THAT
Octopus-arm count EIGHT
Tough question POSER
Drop dramatically PLUNGE
”It __ necessarily so” AINT
Junior, to his dad NAMESAKE
Feeling of rage IRE
St. Louis winter hrs. CST
Unacceptable NOTOK
Balloon contents AIR
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Piece of office furniture DESK
Friend from France AMI
Ballpoints PENS
Soap bubbles SUDS
Cpls., for example NCOS
One of the 34 Down: Abbr. SGT
Flower stalk STEM
Does better than TOPS
Ancient relic ARTIFACT
__ and cheese sandwich HAM
Barely managing, with ”out” EKING
Having a higher height TALLER
Lubricate OIL
Big bullies BRUTES
Koreans and Japanese ASIANS
Start a winning streak GETHOT
Wall calendar page MONTH
Made a vow SWORE
Seize control of USURP
Triple-decker cookie OREO
”Believe __ not . . .” ITOR
Butterfly-catching devices NETS
Parakeet or poodle PET
Ostrich’s Australian cousin EMU
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