Code Letter Crossword Answers January 18, 2019

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Crossword: by Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


Johns of art JASPER
Refers indirectly ALLUDES
Common chicken breed LEGHORN
Forbidden by statute ILLEGAL
Superfans ADORERS
Sub propeller [named for Rudolf] DIESELENGINE
Already gone SENT
Matinee hour TWO
Conversation filler YKNOW
Mention SAY
Pause that refreshes NAP
Typical questionnaire question AGE
Thickens, as cream CLOTS
Digital communication [named for Samuel] MORSECODE
Ocean before Clooney SINATRA
Bounced, on some tables CAROMED
Culture developer [named for Julius] PETRIDISH
Financial victories GAINS
Back in the past AGO
Taking time, in brand names SLO
Dial-up pioneer AOL
Landlocked high land NEPAL
Unaffiliated, for short IND
Lauderdale neighbor BOCA
Speed-reading aid [named for Christian] DOPPLERRADAR
Buffet serving shells TACOBAR
Keys’ key industry TOURISM
Dilettante’s comment IDABBLE
Serenades SINGSTO
Toon tar POPEYE
Nearly fall TEETER


Some hotel staff MAIDS
Kimmy on ”. . . Kimmy Schmidt” ELLIE
Gates’ former partner ALLEN
Frequent sitcom billing GUESTSTAR
Fringe EDGE
Homes and lots REALTY
”Star Wars” protagonist JEDI
Great distress AGONY
Movie ogre SHREK
Master of the macabre POE
Stumble ERR
Throng SLEW
Be behind LAG
Finger wagger’s chiding NONO
Mom of Wynonna NAOMI
Utah city OGDEN
Dandelions, to many WEEDS
Town near Turin ASTI
Keystone support ARCH
TV ad for a cause PSA
DC-based channel CSPAN
Loyal subject LIEGE
Above all others ONTOP
Flexible 55 Down MAIL
”Consequently . . .” ERGO
Transport on the Allegheny COALBARGE
GPS display RDS
Agronomist’s study SOIL
Skillful ADROIT
Photoshop maker ADOBE
Hotel area LOBBY
Pair in a hockey game NETS
Celebrator in verse ODIST
Societal stratum CASTE
Protective plating ARMOR
Not at all vivid PALE
What may come before K PRE
Tolkien symbol RUNE
Something helpful TIP
Fussing ADO
Much of a mushroom CAP
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