Code Letter Crossword Answers January 19, 2019

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Crossword: by Matthew Sewell, edited by Stanley Newman


Dispatch MAIL
Key combo starter CTRL
What fills some shoes CARDS
Drive-thru directive ORDERHERE
Flopped, funds-wise ATEIT
Where to rise above it all MTEVEREST
Name from the Latin for ”woman in charge” DONNA
What surrounders ITIS
Ride for quite a while TORMENT
Aid in getting a grip PLIERS
Membre du clergé PERE
Virginia delegate in ”1776” LEE
Naval power since ancient times OARS
First with regular inflight films (1961) TWA
Cornucopia contents FEAST
Digital wallet no. ACCT
Bumper’s extension FIST
Real poser BEAST
EuroBonus carrier SAS
What can be seen from Syracuse ETNA
First Maria in ”The Sound of Music” MARYMARTIN
Ironclad designation SHE
Single-use coffee containers PODS
”Ancient” visitors in an A&E series ALIENS
Determine a going rate SETBAIL
Brief hitch PROB
Peaked ASHEN
Olympian dubbed ”Lightning” USAINBOLT
O’Casey contemporary YEATS
Playwright admired by Voltaire CORNEILLE
Southeast Asian shish kebab SATAY
__ patch jogger (type of trousers) KNEE
Something lacking freshness TACT


Stage __ MOM
Galsworthy’s ”universal refreshment” ART
Ox tail IDE
Impositions LEVIES
Use for the first time CHRISTEN
Wooden platforms TEES
They keep track records: Abbr. RRS
Part of an office stack LETTERTRAY
Military band CADRE
Angstrom-diameter thing ATOM
Tennis pro who became a clothier RENELACOSTE
Mystery venue on wheels DINNERTRAIN
South and Western Australia STATES
Add GPS to a Model T, e.g. RETROFIT
Withdrawal from a deposit ORE
Heartfelt feeling PITY
Code covering continental shelves LAWOFTHESEA
”What a surprise!” IMAGINETHAT
Troubles PESTERS
Can’t catch a break HASBADLUCK
When live NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA games might be watched OCT
Refuse backup ACTALONE
__ courtesy ASA
John Glenn, in WWII USMARINE
Data since the FDR era SSNS
Expressions of arguments ESSAYS
Mannered comeback MOI
Amphibian expression RIBBIT
What a Persian cat’s face resembles PANSY
Prototype-in-progress BETA
Make cutbacks in PARE
Certain surname sharer SON
Quasi-Italian intensifier OLA
Designation in IRS forms LLC
Spring-arrival celebration TET
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