Code Letter Crossword Answers July 30, 2020

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Crossword: by Billie Truitt, edited by Stanley Newman


Smooth-talking SLICK
Oreo morsel in ice creams CHIP
What you wear GARB
Cotillion topper TIARA
Pool path LANE
Profess AVER
GPS software USMAP
The Princess Royal ANNE
Lofty granary SILO
Cornstarch + kaolin clay + baking soda BABYPOWDER
Satisfied an obligation, perhaps PAID
Tool for a rafter OAR
Sovereignty substitute REGENCY
Source of tweets WREN
Baseball club BAT
Fizzler DUD
Friend of Falstaff HAL
Sounds of regret SIGHS
Insistent refutation IAMSO
Witch hazel + dried herbs + water INSECTREPELLENT
Stringed instrument PIANO
Never existed ARENT
Wrestlers’ support MAT
Push to the limit TRY
One having a meadow lark EWE
Enthusiastic GOGO
Commercials seemingly everywhere ADCREEP
Apology opener MEA
Mule’s mom MARE
School glue + borax + water SILLYPUTTY
What a bass might swim through ARIA
Venerable fraternal letters BPOE
What a bass might swim through OCEAN
Great relish ZEST
Conversant with UPON
Irritate CHAFE
Note in the distance ESPY
Mountain peaks TIPS
Fortune 500 renter HERTZ


Proof of admission STUB
Name akin to Beth LISA
Poetic foot IAMB
Licorice stick, for instance CRAYON
Iota follower KAPPA
Hammer’s nail remover CLAW
Tot’s digital computer HAND
Deep-seated INNER
Looked curiously PEERED
Accelerator GASPEDAL
For the birds AVIAN
Ancient artifact RELIC
”The Pianist” Oscar actor BRODY
Astronomical path ORBIT
Court concern GUILT
Indy Jones weapon WHIP
Indian royalty RANI
”Frozen” queen ELSA
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Yonder THERE
Make a point SCORE
Disgorge SPEW
”For” line on a check MEMO
Stumbling block SNAG
German name, going Down or Up OTTO
Hostile party ENEMY
”On the other hand . . .” YESBUT
Graceless GAUCHE
Leave floored AMAZE
Has the gall (to) DARES
Bracing, as fall air CRISP
Strong Swedish girl of kiddie lit PIPPI
Handwriting curve LOOP
Part of the eye LENS
Hot streak TEAR
Last president with a mustache TAFT
California’s Santa __ Valley YNEZ
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