Code Letter Crossword Answers June 03, 2021

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Crossword: by Greg Johnson, edited by Stanley Newman


As __ (as possible) CANBE
”Way out” shout CIAO
Periodic table no. ATWT
Skin soothers ALOES
Boss at Valhalla ODIN
Branch of Islam SHIA
How many like their muffins MOIST
Period with a lunch break WORKSHIFT
Levi’s originator STRAUSS
Names for Canadian arenas CENTRES
Website help FAQ
LBJ aide who hosted PBS shows MOYERS
Begin, as a new era ENTERUPON
Take in EAT
”Way out” shout BYE
See 21 Down YARD
Part of dish duty DRYING
Road shoulder BERM
Find a new purpose for REUSE
Treat with heat SEAR
Took major steps STRODE
Coco __ (rum cocktail) LOCO
Sauna facility SPA
Suffix for doctor ATE
Samsung portable PC GALAXYTAB
Western wildcat COUGAR
Piece of many board games DIE
Test pilots’ concerns GFORCES
Took silver, say MEDALED
Often-edgy mag ALTWEEKLY
Mineral in geodes AGATE
Hummus holder PITA
Sewn line SEAM
Uncool collective NERDS
Don’t dash STAY
Handicrafts site ETSY
”East of Eden” surname TRASK


Surveillance equipment CAMS
With regularity ALOT
”Dark” film category NOIR
”Take care” BESAFE
Part of a mouth ESTUARY
Dairy dwellers COWS
Rite answer IDO
Cooler, for short AIRCON
Not sharp or flat ONKEY
What most new cars lack ASHTRAYS
Most likely to want a drink refill THIRSTIEST
Not a single person WIFE
Art you take everywhere TATS
Impolite acknowledgment SNEER
With 31 Across, acre fraction SQUARE
How cubicles are made MODULAR
Rolls back EBBS
Dmitri’s denial NYET
K preceder PRE
Half a score DECADE
Western wine center NAPA
Excite, so to speak GRAB
Brit’s major artery MOTORWAY
Our star SOL
Low card DEUCE
Rust producer OXIDANT
Plumber’s sealer GASKET
”The Right Stuff” character YEAGER
Christmas carol sextet GEESE
Disparities GAPS
Move like a butterfly FLIT
”Mercy!” MYMY
”Doctor Zhivago” woman LARA
Place to sit at DESK
Vegas, on luggage tags LAS
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