Code Letter Crossword Answers June 04, 2021

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Crossword: by Winston Emmons, edited by Stanley Newman


The Bard’s Sir __ Belch TOBY
Caesar supporter’s full first name MARCUS
Of prime importance KEY
Paranormal vibe AURA
Aggregate AMOUNT
School for Spike Lee NYU
Take care of that horror film staple STOPAZOMBIE
Important reign, to historians ERA
California Air Force base EDWARDS
Golden-haired FLAXEN
Oration locations ROSTRA
Delta material SILT
Flee the city where van Gogh worked ESCAPEARLES
Beds for hothouses SOILS
What van Gogh worked in OILS
Nautical prefix AERO
”Don’t play” musical instruction TACET
See 56 Across ROE
”You got it!” BINGO
It’s more obvious than ”Psst!” AHEM
Sailing hazard GALE
Finish with ENDON
Credits for a Hindu guide’s articles GURUBYLINES
Holders of netting RIMS
Wanders around RANGES
Understands GRASPS
Encouraging words GOFORIT
With 38 Across, certain sushi filling EEL
One who won’t accept a board’s prediction OUIJADENIER
QANTAS hub, on tags MEL
Cause to expand DILATE
Ballet bend PLIE
Plane domain SKY
On your drive STORED
Horse opera sound CLOP


Electrical weapon TASER
Surpass OUTDO
What the worried might knit BROWS
Talk shrilly to YAPAT
Miatas, for instance MAZDAS
Israeli author Oz AMOS
Baby leopard CUB
Amalgamates UNIFIES
Sir Paul’s designer daughter STELLA
Lego competitor KNEX
Brit lit governess EYRE
Beijing bucks YUAN
Keep from advancing ARREST
Subway of song ATRAIN
Ill humor SPLEEN
Beach shop souvenirs CORALS
Tortellini topper AIOLI
Provide provisionally LEND
It follows that ERGO
Not long from now SOON
Bambi, ultimately STAG
Luau locale OAHU
Pastry aide ICER
Monkeylike mammals LEMURS
Considerate farewell BESAFE
Workout wear GYMSUIT
Rifle supporters BIPODS
Ate away ERODED
Best left unsaid, for short NONPC
Diner device GRILL
Refrain from childhood EIEIO
Throat bug STREP
What are hidden in the four longest answers GEMS
Kind of sense offense REEK
Friend in deed ALLY
Where the Preakness starts GATE
UN workers’ agency ILO
Shake up JAR
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