Code Letter Crossword Answers June 05, 2021

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Crossword: by Stella Zawistowski, edited by Stanley Newman


It’ll let you in ACCESSCODE
Pro group, for short ASSN
Practice delayed infuriation COUNTTOTEN
French roast ROTI
Pull the strings of MASTERMIND
Exasperated cry CMON
They can take you to O’Hare ELS
Venerable brew brand PABST
A question of place WHERE
Pro __ BONO
”Bibliothèque” stock LIVRES
Satellite that fell in ’89 POLAND
Stable state STASIS
Pop star from Tottenham ADELE
Spa cycling SPINCLASS
Biofuel source PEAT
Its coat of arms has a moose and a pine MAINE
Bash in some Elvis films LUAU
They’re extra ADDITIVES
What Pixar followed up with ”Up” WALLE
One way to run SCARED
Equestrian accouterment GAITER
Big name in the oil business CRISCO
Far from a decision TORN
Signals dropped HINTS
Helps with fencing, say ABETS
Just over five shots CUP
Sainted princess of Kiev OLGA
Angular abode FRAMEHOUSE
Zoom, perhaps MEET
Typical Old Master OILPAINTER
Word from the Greek for ”hearth” PYRE
Recycled paper from long ago PALIMPSEST


Ne plus ultra ACME
Seam stuff COAL
Disagreeable guy CUSS
Balance specialist ENT
Process starter STEPONE
Package deal COMBO
Moving walkway maker OTIS
Reason for a dryer discount DENT
Ultimate bit END
Marvel antagonist ARCHVILLAIN
Move all around SOMERSAULT
Put away STORE
Rightmost part of many prices NINES
Where the NFL’s smallest city is WISC
Destination of some Scandinavian ferries BALTICSTATE
Express, for instance LANE
Guy in the NATO alphabet PAPA
Binged ODED
Person in front LEADSINGER
Caught SPIED
Spam holders TINS
But not SAVE
Event in a tent SALE
Court figure SUER
Picasso contemporary MIRO
Tie __ TACS
Combat participant WARSHIP
Encouraging words GOTEAM
Bite hard CHOMP
Poet who inspired Raggedy Ann dolls RILEY
Conductors’ concerns TEMPI
Selection on the ”Amadeus” soundtrack ARIA
What Fido might fetch BALL
”Ha-ha, but be serious” CUTE
What a kitchen unitasker doesn’t have USES
Irksomely self-assured PERT
Macaroni, as in ”Yankee Doodle” FOP
Follower or clip or slip ONS
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