Code Letter Crossword Answers May 06, 2022

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Crossword: by S.N.


Informal talk SLANG
Calypso derivative SKA
Do a grocery clerk’s job BAGUP
Web browser for decades AOLER
Country quarters INN
Come apart at the seams BURST
Start of a compliment to a colleague YOUREGOOD
Legendary siege site ALAMO
Snowballs, for instance AMMO
Hamlet’s difficulty RUB
Bud for ages OLDPAL
Strong affinity YEN
Narrow box on an application SEX
Third qtr. starter JUL
Poor Richard preposition ERE
Nutritive EDIBLE
Stow (away) PUT
Tom, in “Apollo 13” JIM
“Camelot” character LANCELOT
Some, all, whichever ANY
End of compliment BUTYOURENOTME
Prevailed WON
Falling off SLIPPAGE
JD’s designation ESQ
Those with clout INS
Metaphor for advancement LADDER
Cooling power meas. BTU
Norm, for short AVG
One of the guy’s HIS
NASA excursion EVA
Web server’s creation COOKIE
Someone Adam hadn’t MOM
Tori of tunes AMOS
Those opposed ANTIS
Source of compliment MELBROOKS
Sense ability SMELL
Toolbox poker AWL
Secrets acquired INTEL
Sense ability TASTE
Work hard at PLY
Formation fliers GEESE


Vote for passage SAYAYE
Came into view LOOMED
What Bryn Mawr has none of ALUMNI
Infamous Roman NERO
SAT cousin GRE
Cheyenne ally SIOUX
Door opener KNOB
“Your point being . . .” AND
Word sung on 1/1 AULD
French toast sweetener GRAPEJAM
John Glenn, in WWII USMARINE
Ancient Greek astronomer PTOLEMY
Place for a pimento GREENOLIVE
In hot water OUTONALIMB
Wows with one-liners SLAYS
Minty drink JULEP
Lunch letters BLT
They did it PERPS
Prompter’s task CUING
Costumes for several of the Bard’s plays TOGAS
Where Northeastern U. is BOSTONMA
Ends a certain citation UNQUOTES
Alternative to Eddie TED
Streamed video event WEBCAST
Break in rank DEMOTE
Brings to mind EVOKES
Come to grips, so to speak RASSLE
Walkway AISLE
Carol plant HOLLY
Skirt of a sort KILT
Whimper MEWL
Mighty fine AONE
Weather Channel graphic MAP
Drilling hardware RIG
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