Code Letter Crossword Answers May 08, 2022

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Crossword: by Mark McClain


__ Perignon DOM
“The Caine Mutiny” author WOUK
Red Muppet ELMO
Ponder, with “on” CHEW
Put into force ENACT
Trade fair, for short EXPO
Become undrinkable SOUR
Summary RECAP
Polish president (1989) LECHWALESA
Rolaids rival TUMS
Some House of Lords members EARLS
In a fickle fashion VARIABLY
South African archbishop (2009) DESMONDTUTU
Big name at Tesla ELON
“That’s amazing!” OOH
Post-op area ICU
Fruit cover PEEL
Tuning pins PEGS
Difficult situation JAM
Ultimate degree NTH
Albanian missionary (1985) MOTHERTERESA
__-lacto vegetarian OVO
Eugene is there OREGON
Poetic contraction EEN
Austrian landscape ALPS
British bloke CHAP
Window adjunct SILL
Work period DAY
Badlands bovine BISON
Golf great’s nickname ARNIE
Most comfy HOMIEST
Bagpipers’ attire KILTS
Email icon REPLY
Coal industry org. UMW
British prime minister (2009) TONYBLAIR
Brewpub designation IPA
Wonderland cake message EATME
Partner of Royce ROLLS
Apprehend CAPTURE
NFC North team, in headlines VIKES
Actor Willem DAFOE
__ Andreas fault SAN
Ran in the washer BLED
Spanish love AMOR
Off-white shade BONE
Fashion monogram YSL
Making bales HAYING
“Uh-uh” NAH
German chancellor (2011) ANGELAMERKEL
Suffix for suburban ITE
Largest MO airport STL
“Uh-huh” ISEE
Dolphin family member ORCA
Umpire’s call OUT
“TGI” day FRI
Warming clothing SWEATERS
Pop singer Del Rey LANA
Spanish cellist (1963) PABLOCASALS
Currents that follow the wind LEETIDES
Blue part of a globe OCEAN
“Ciao!” TATA
Egyptian president (1984) ANWARSADAT
Frisbee company WHAMO
Mideast sultanate OMAN
Penn in pictures SEAN
Prefix meaning “first” PROTO
Blissful place EDEN
Lock inserts KEYS
Negative connector NOR


Dig (into) DELVE
Hoops great Shaq ONEAL
“Large” prefix MACRO
Effectively worded WELLPUT
Type of daisy OXEYE
FedEx rival UPS
RVer’s stopover KOA
Name that means “star” ESTELLE
Dreadful LOUSY
Quiet-sounding Champagne brand MUMM
Estimation ending ORSO
Articles of faith CREDOS
Shrubby wasteland HEATH
Very light brown ECRU
Creator of Mickey and Minnie WALT
Place for a goatee CHIN
Bygone international airline TWA
Keystone State sch. PSU
Sneaks off ABSCONDS
Nutritionist’s concern DIET
One meaning of E NOGAS
Dueling sword EPEE
Actor Laura or Bruce DERN
Texter’s “I believe . . .” IMO
House Speaker after Ryan PELOSI
Major sports channel ESPN
Pope (2004) JOHNPAULII
Be of use AVAIL
In a glum mood MOPEY
Do some snacking NOSH
Threesome TRIO
German chancellor (1999) HELMUTKOHL
“You there!” HEY
Wearer of dreadlocks RASTA
Slight light GLIMMER
Passed very slowly CREPTBY
ABA member ATT
Book at inaugurations BIBLE
They’re not good ILLS
Make __ in (tear) ARIP
Lamb watchers EWES
__ Ren of the “Star Wars” series KYLO
Sherbet flavor ORANGE
Gratis NOFEE
Former NBC owner RCA
Country singer Sara EVANS
Strive for AIMAT
Busch’s brewing partner ANHEUSER
Cost of tenancy RENT
Perimeter EDGE
Ready to serve DONE
Pro’s camera SLR
No-frills BASIC
Urban recreation ctr. YMCA
Bicycle part SEAT
PC key near the space bar ALT
Broad valley LOWLAND
Mars alias ARES
Citizens of two states KOREANS
Attach, as some patches IRONON
Fondue feature FLAME
Symbol of evil SATAN
Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback ELWAY
One not to be trusted LIAR
Something extra ADDON
Retro “Way cool!” NEATO
Early American fur tycoon ASTOR
“Bam!” POW
Belly woe ACHE
Moccasin decoration BEAD
Place for protons ATOM
Unvarying SAME
Recipe amt. TSP
Seek info ASK
Separator of two surnames NEE
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