Code Letter Crossword Answers May 12, 2022

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Crossword: by S.N.


Baltic capital RIGA
It may be taken orally TEST
Porterhouse feature TBONE
Big name at SpaceX ELON
Reign over RULE
Author of personal finance bestsellers ORMAN
Unstable state FLUX
Historical studies ERAS
“Beauty is truth” poet KEATS
Saloon entertainers PIANOPLAYERS
Ends’ partners ODDS
All-encompassing ATOZ
Seasoned pro ACE
Buffalo cousins YAKS
Temporary state PHASE
Teapot part SPOUT
Southern Hemisphere resort RIO
Electrical measure OHM
Pastoral instrument PANPIPE
Melted chocolate, e.g. GOO
Repent of RUE
Sense of scents SMELL
Rodeo snarer NOOSE
Cell dweller BEE
Filled with thick tidbits CHUNKY
Electrical measure VOLT
Padlocked SHUT
Skill for some sopranos PERFECTPITCH
Pacific island nation PALAU
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Spiller’s comment OOPS
Farm carts DRAYS
School for Captain Hook ETON
Gospel threesome MAGI
Insincere FALSE
Number at a nightclub SONG
It may be taken orally EXAM


Penalty caller REF
Feeling off ILL
Ascend GOUP
Feeling fretful ANXIOUS
Hot right now TRENDY
Capital of Italy EUROS
Response to a slight SLAP
Flashy electrical device TESLACOIL
2021 Olympics venue TOKYO
Lighthearted BREEZY
Actor Epps or Sharif OMAR
DC team NATS
Recent USCGA grad ENS
Sellers of mag space ADREPS
Really relished ATEUP
Nautical direction APORT
Words With Friends fan GAMER
Dow Jones Industrial since 2015 APPLE
#3 gas in the atmosphere ARGON
Stall in a mall hall KIOSK
Cry at county fairs SOOEY
Seuss’ star-bellied creatures SNEETCHES
Shout from a sarge TENHUT
Leisurely walk AMBLE
Consequence OUTCOME
What SPFs measure the blocking of UVRAYS
Mao foe CHIANG
Handy to have OFUSE
Surveil SPYON
Legal aide, for short PARA
Operator of King David Clubs ELAL
Debunker of the Wizard TOTO
Elaborate deception HOAX
DocuSign file format PDF
Its eShop sells ball markers PGA
Theoretical trial, for short SIM
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