Code Letter Crossword Answers November 18, 2023

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Crossword: by Steve Mossberg


Patagonian purrer PAMPASCAT
Small vessel VIAL
Pushes too hard OVERSELLS
Tough to get into DENSE
Drop-off remark GOTOSLEEP
Not to be picked UNFIT
Doesn’t settle OWES
Much removed FAR
Where underground bands get together GNEISS
“Understood” POINTTAKEN
Head turners SCENES
Modern verification solicitation AMIRITE
Nothing really SPACES
Fleece SKIN
Craft that benefits craft TUG
Jaunty PERT
Follower down aisles TRAIN
Delivered pitches SUNG
What might link a person to their hometown IAN
Main marker BUOY
Inclinations GRADES
Folders for photos TRIPODS
Priestly wear STOLES
It’s not just a number VARIETYACT
Limited edition treat that returned in ’23 SMOREO
Air ender BNB
Aural irritation DRIP
It ends up in your stomach AORTA
Country club construction POOLHOUSE
“Sea-nymphs hourly ring its __” : “The Tempest” KNELL
Treat in a snow-capped wrapper ANDESMINT
Unforced EASY
Safari setups MESSTENTS


Jump-on-tail skateboard stunt POGO
Surely state AVOW
Word from the Greek for “measure” METE
Seek your fortune, perhaps PROSPECT
Animal carrier ASS
Venue offering theme rooms and costumes SELFIESTUDIO
Puts in order CLEANS
Catching everything ALERT
Eight dashes, for short TSP
Unimaginable extent INFINITUDE
Just like that ASIS
“I’m here for that” LETS
Big name in breakfasts DUNKIN
Betting settings GAMINGTABLES
What I might mean ONE
Spicy snack-chip TAKI
Poseidon possession SPEAR
Salmon and squid CARNIVORES
Numbers TUNES
What batters use EGGS
Polish partner SPIT
Proposal prelude SAY
__ water ROSE
Natural reservoir for natural gas SALTDOME
From up north BOREAL
Dungeons & Dragons monstrosity ROC
That’s not all PARTLY
Where clerical work is done SYNODS
It’s not a flank TBONE
Welfare SAKE
Nickname that removes “Ra” MONA
Total RUIN
Lacks presence ISNT
The IRS disallows them as dependents PETS
Canola-oil-in-a-can brand PAM
He covered RMN’s reelection campaign for “Rolling Stone” HST
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