Code Letter Crossword Answers November 19, 2021

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Crossword: by Billie Truitt


Lose energy FLAG
Belabor, with “on” HARP
Dance around EVADE
Graceless RUDE
It’s due north of Pittsburgh ERIE
’90s Israeli leader RABIN
Hearty affirmation AMEN
Told tales LIED
Advil alternative ALEVE
Northernmost Michigan UPPERPENINSULA
Pabst Brewing brand STROHS
Dragonfly prey BEE
Downed ATE
DVR button REC
Student’s pad DORM
Bed covers PJS
Backstreet ALLEY
Major Web portal YAHOO
Extremely avid love of country SUPERPATRIOTISM
Histrionic STAGY
Stock analyst’s discovery TREND
WWII intelligence gatherer OSS
Mil fraction TENG
Prefix for thermal GEO
Complication RUB
Cruise ship facility SPA
Snake-haired woman of myth MEDUSA
Green mousse dessert GRASSHOPPERPIE
Abdul of pop PAULA
Dirt cup ingredient OREO
Ankara cash LIRA
__ sea (bewildered) ALLAT
Can’t keep up LAGS
Taiwanese tablet maker ACER
Lawn interlopers WEEDS
Apart from that ELSE
Whom to catch in the three longest answers PERP


Lady of the “haus” FRAU
Sugar shapes LUMPS
Expert (in) ADEPT
Groups of species GENERA
Melodramatic cry HELPHELP
It’s a sign ARIES
French “nada” RIEN
Cure preceder PEDI
Completely clear ERASE
Genesis 4 arrival ABEL
Tempestuous talent DIVA
Compass reading ENE
Able to turn ROTARY
Where “Friends” was first found NBC
Cool again RETRO
Brit lit governess EYRE
It’s due south of 15 Across OHIO
“Friends” fellow ROSS
Some suburban chauffeurs MOMS
“Over here!” PSST
Coffee sack material JUTE
Reach over SPAN
Delinquent, as debt LATE
Bro’s greeting YODUDE
Sandwich spread EGGSALAD
Empty talk GAS
Coffee sack material BURLAP
HS exams PSATS
Digital video files MPEGS
Any radio station AIRER
Flag flapper GALE
Dominion RULE
Metaphor for debt HOLE
Said aloud ORAL
Wild West icon EARP
Boxer’s offering PAW
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