Code Letter Crossword Answers November 22, 2021

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Crossword: by Sally R. Stein


Jack of diamonds, for example CARD
Marshal Wyatt of the Old West EARP
Detest ABHOR
Soprano’s solo ARIA
Speak unclearly SLUR
What’s inserted in a razor BLADE
Allowed to borrow for a while LENT
Fishing rod POLE
__ order (needing repairs) OUTOF
Issues read in waiting rooms MAGAZINES
Swerves suddenly VEERS
Wide shoe width EEE
Staircase surface for shoes STEP
Took a break RESTED
Glide down snowy slopes SKI
Bedroom floor coverings RUGS
Trade shows, for short EXPOS
Milk bucket PAIL
“A likely story!” IBET
Pack away, as cargo STOW
Moisten, as a roast turkey BASTE
“__ of your business!” NONE
Great Lake beside New York ERIE
Sandwich breads RYES
Take a long look STARE
Standing 6’6″, say TALL
Room-cooling appliances: Abbr. ACS
Female sibling SISTER
Apiece EACH
Feel under the weather AIL
Wooden strips SLATS
Holders for invoices ENVELOPES
High in the sky, as skyscrapers LOFTY
Pigeon sounds COOS
Two-use DUAL
See eye to eye AGREE
Work with needles and yarn KNIT
Otherwise ELSE
Upward push BOOST
Root beer or cola SODA
Moved rapidly SPED


Not at all nervous CALM
Vicinity AREA
Finger jewelry RING
Facts and figures DATA
Noticed in the distance ESPIED
Without assistance ALONE
Regulation RULE
Publicists’ informational handouts PRESSKITS
Higher than ABOVE
Architect’s building plans BLUEPRINTS
Detest HATE
Aroma, pleasant or not ODOR
Football officials, for short REFS
Letters symbolizing sleep ZEES
Ceramic flooring TILE
Adjust, as a clock RESET
Bonus feature EXTRA
Become inedible SPOIL
Moist hand cleaners in packets TOWELETTES
Return-postage enclosures: Abbr. SASES
WWII submarine UBOAT
Any artistic category GENRE
Guide a car’s ride STEER
They’re cashed at banks for one’s salary PAYCHECKS
Bric-a-__ (knickknacks) BRAC
Window ledge SILL
Mexican midday snooze SIESTA
So far ASYET
Stay away from AVOID
Chunk of concrete SLAB
Company’s emblem LOGO
Spherical hairstyle AFRO
Prohibited thing NONO
Verses of praise ODES
Solid part of orange juice PULP
Make simpler EASE
Toy for a snowy day SLED
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