Code Letter Crossword Answers November 25, 2021

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Crossword: by Mark Mcclain


Fruity concoction JAM
Car wash supply RAGS
Substantial gap CHASM
River at Pittsburgh OHIO
Skin care brand OLAY
Cheyenne Frontier Days event RODEO
Water source WELL
Hemmed, say SEWN
Old Testament patriarch ISAAC
Historic Court activity LANDMARKCASE
Arid expanse DESERT
Causes of hiccups SPASMS
Ask too much PRY
Extremely, so to speak WAY
Tent bed COT
High anxiety PANIC
What an RSVP may come back in SASE
Frat letter IOTA
Well-equipped ABLE
Intake regimen DIET
Searches (through) SIFTS
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Sci-fi characters ETS
Hawaiian pizza topping HAM
High pt. of Sicily MTETNA
Group in power REGIME
Source of downy wool CASHMEREGOAT
West Coast capital SALEM
Mark successor EURO
Gardener’s tool HOSE
Unlike an oaf AGILE
3 Down’s first name ALAN
Many a new voter TEEN
Year-end music NOELS
Livestock enclosures PENS
Oral specialist designation DDS


Bottom of the face JOWL
In the future AHEAD
Kanga creator MILNE
Prayer string ROSARY
Clearheaded ALERT
Stare vacantly GAWK
Harmonize SYNC
Lively, as prose CRISP
A minor prophet HOSEA
Prosecutorial designation ADA
Lunar plain SEA
Soft shoe MOC
Men’s grooming brand OLDSPICE
Pfizer competitor MERCK
Up to now ASYET
Express derision SCOFF
Sacred choral work MOTET
Stage or sports celebrities STARS
Union issue WAGES
Subordinate, for short ASST
King David creation PSALM
Trip to the plate ATBAT
Nick of the movies NOLTE
Perturbed state SNIT
”Let me help . . .” IFIMIGHT
”Any __?” IDEAS
Utility bill stat USAGE
”Great blue” birds HERONS
Immunity agent TCELL
When doubled, gets specific NAMES
Showed over RERAN
Copied cattle MOOED
Made less onerous EASED
Composter’s creation HEAP
Balky beast MULE
Till bills TENS
__ Fernando Valley SAN
Before now AGO
Be situated LIE
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