Code Letter Crossword Answers November 30, 2020

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Crossword: by Brad Wilber, edited by Stanley Newman


When trains are due in: Abbr. ETAS
”Scat!” SHOO
Curved part of the foot ARCH
Become drained of color PALE
Kangaroo’s pocket POUCH
Hawaiian feast LUAU
”__ hardly wait!” ICAN
Regulations RULES
Grow weary TIRE
Star groups like the Big Dipper CONSTELLATIONS
Have a meal EAT
Signal ”yes” with your head NOD
Super Bowl org. NFL
Interoffice note MEMO
Nuisances PESTS
Tax-deferred nest egg, for short IRA
Coin in France EURO
Per item, informally APOP
Jets carrying many people PASSENGERPLANES
Cross paths MEET
Fly high SOAR
Space between teeth GAP
Standing up straight ERECT
Food for pigs SLOP
Where to observe the three longest answers SKY
Beanie or beret HAT
Large-scale conflict WAR
Flying vehicles with people in baskets HOTAIRBALLOONS
Disappear gradually FADE
Opposite of ”everybody” NOONE
Very slightly ABIT
__ vera (burn-soothing plant) ALOE
Photocopier powder TONER
Ready to take out of the oven DONE
College housing DORM
Gush like a volcano SPEW
Flow in slowly SEEP


Larger-than-life story EPIC
Filled-and-folded tortilla TACO
Actor Alda ALAN
Taste, sight or hearing SENSE
Nary a __ (opposite of ”everybody”) SOUL
Ship’s framework HULL
Atlantic or Pacific OCEAN
”Enough of your silliness!” OHSTOP
Woman’s choir voice ALTO
Damage beyond repair RUIN
Coupes and convertibles CARS
Variety of a color HUE
11- or 12-year-old PRETEEN
Cap of Scotland TAM
As perfect as possible IDEAL
Slight chill in the air NIP
Wooden holder of a painting FRAME
Sci-fi ”beam” weapon LASER
Beer steins MUGS
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Resort with whirlpools and saunas SPA
Ice cube-grabbing tool TONGS
Say something SPEAK
Of the mouth ORAL
Take a glance at SEE
__-Sketch (kid’s drawing toy) ETCHA
Sneaking burglar PROWLER
Secret agent SPY
Tarnishes, as a reputation TAINTS
Buddy PAL
Group of Boy Scouts TROOP
Boulevards and avenues ROADS
Angelic light HALO
Aroma ODOR
Be abundant (with) TEEM
Elongated dog-biscuit shape BONE
All over again ANEW
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Highest digit for phone numbers NINE
Place for your feet on an escalator STEP
Short-lived craze FAD
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