Code Letter Crossword Answers October 11, 2021

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Step heavily (on) STOMP
Downhill vehicle on snow SLED
Mistake ERROR
__ the Terrible (Russian czar) IVAN
Not at all narrow WIDE
Be untruthful with LIETO
Shoestring LACE
Similar (to) AKIN
Quarterbacks’ headgear FOOTBALLHELMETS
”__ the ramparts we watched . . .” OER
Make an attempt TRY
Allows to ripen AGES
Has a meal EATS
Hoarse-sounding RASPY
Lean-__ (crude structures) TOS
Merely ONLY
Admirable quality VIRTUE
Pitchers’ outerwear BASEBALLJACKETS
Tops of mountains APEXES
Countless years EONS
Compete VIE
In a crabby mood TESTY
Raised, as racehorses BRED
Barnyard cacklers HENS
”Mamma __!” MIA
Very thin battery AAA
Hoopsters’ footwear BASKETBALLSHOES
One of the Great Lakes ERIE
Just adequate SOSO
Gemstone weight measure CARAT
Declare false DENY
__ and aahs OOHS
Scarlett of ”Gone With the Wind” OHARA
Droops SAGS
Joint above an ankle KNEE
Count (up) TALLY


__-control (will power) SELF
Threesome of performers TRIO
Triple-decker cookie OREO
Brief guiding principles MOTTOS
Investigate in depth PROBE
Statement of purchases BILL
Egg shape OVAL
Posh pleasure boats YACHTS
Evil smile SNEER
Did laps in a pool SWAM
Enjoy doing LIKE
Touch up prose EDIT
Family rooms DENS
Indoor sports venues ARENAS
Words of a melody LYRICS
Facing the pitcher ATBAT
Lose one’s cool GOAPE
Double-curve letters ESSES
Each and every ALL
Mary __ Moore TYLER
Noah’s ship ARK
Apple cofounder __ Jobs STEVE
Contribute to a cash collection PUTIN
Affirmative replies YESES
”Do as I say!” OBEYME
Destructive person VANDAL
Office phone line: Abbr. EXT
Sports great DiMaggio or Montana JOE
Gorilla cousin BABOON
”Very, very, very funny!” HAHAHA
”Not to worry” ITSOK
Wide necktie ASCOT
Places for pillows BEDS
Vicinity AREA
Perform in a chorus SING
Lock openers KEYS
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Be defeated LOSE
Spoken aloud ORAL
__ Grey tea EARL
Don’t leave STAY
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