Code Letter Crossword Answers October 17, 2021

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Crossword: by Mark Mcclain


Dash display TACH
Totally floor AMAZE
Flower holder VASE
Looking for AFTER
Republic issuing euros EIRE
Gambling mecca, informally VEGAS
“That’s my cue!” IMON
Musical lament DIRGE
Some championship rankings TOURNAMENTSEEDS
Agribusiness giant DEERE
Encouraging word OLE
Literary twist IRONY
Sicilian mountain ETNA
Looked deeply (into) DELVED
It’s nothing NIL
Fine spray MIST
Rock singer Joplin JANIS
Something curious ODDITY
“GMA” network ABC
Pull on TUGAT
Overabundance GLUT
Federal Reserve objective STABLEECONOMY
Mark up or down REPRICE
Wreath material HOLLY
Scattered about SOWED
On the blue side SAD
Image on tablets ICON
Clarinet look-alike OBOE
Paranormal ability ESP
Canadian flag image LEAF
Lay out SPEND
Lessen in value DEGRADE
Diamond surfaces FACETS
Would like to return MISSES
Where to learn to use foils FENCINGSCHOOL
Mideast capital TEHRAN
Rather behind LATISH
Selling most briskly HOTTEST
Studio warning sign ONAIR
Body art, casually TATS
Interstate sign word GAS
Declare openly AVOW
Poet of old Rome OVID
A question of manner HOW
Blender brand OSTER
“Grand” music OPERA
Melodious LYRICAL
Facilities doing looming TEXTILEPLANTS
__ and void NULL
Composer who taught Beethoven HAYDN
Broadcast breaks ADS
Serenade SINGTO
Frozen mountains BERGS
Versifier BARD
Small amount TAD
Establishes formally ENACTS
Key West, for one ISLE
UK’s largest retailer TESCO
Wrath IRE
Prior to, quaintly AFORE
Grapevine gleaning RUMOR
Show up COME
Suite spot HOTEL
Notable times ERAS
Barbershop sounds SNIPS
“Sign here” marks EXES
Starts the bidding OPENS
Lacking color PALE


Wyoming’s __ Range TETON
Garlic-flavored mayo AIOLI
Villainous in manner CRUEL
Vessel designation HER
Miserly desire AVARICE
Brief notes MEMOS
Deal sealer AGENT
Outlandishly amusing ZANY
“C’___ la vie!” EST
Laos neighbor VIETNAM
User-friendly feature AMENITY
Collection in a cooler SODAS
USCG officer ENS
Made sense ADDEDUP
Academic excursions FIELDTRIPS
Famous Roman fountain TREVI
Marsh wader EGRET
How some marshes look REEDY
With agility NIMBLY
Neptune, for one SEAGOD
Rationed (out) DOLED
Month with the newest national holiday JUNE
Better equipped ABLER
Drag (away) TOW
German tennis great GRAF
In pumps, perhaps SHOD
Important verb in any language TOBE
Like a bump on __ ALOG
Rhineland metropolis ESSEN
Squad car driver COP
Treats, as a sprain ICES
Traffic marker CONE
Winds down ENDS
Merit badge holder SASH
Utopian locale EDEN
Minus LESS
Carve into stone ETCH
Delta deposit SILT
Way over yonder AFAR
Italian auto FIAT
Wee workers ANTS
High-tech movie FX CGI
Dairy farm sounds MOOS
Feline weapon CLAW
Midwest hub OHARE
File, e.g. TOOL
“Green” feeling ENVY
Crime lab sample HAIR
Equestrian accessory RIDINGCROP
Cantina appetizers TAPAS
Well-aligned EVEN
Arrange logically SORT
Yule poem opening TWAS
Certain travel expense TOLL
Become cohesive GEL
Celestial rings HALOS
What anaerobes don’t need OXYGEN
Norms: Abbr. STDS
Bronze, in part TIN
Proverbial nonlearner OLDDOG
USCG patrol boats CUTTERS
“Ditto!” THESAME
First-harvest potatoes EARLIES
Package deliveries PARCELS
Scorches in a skillet SEARS
Playfully INFUN
Judd of country music NAOMI
Midler in movies BETTE
Grayish ASHEN
Jeweled headwear TIARA
Common screen font ARIAL
Heavy, as fog DENSE
Muscle car roof TTOP
Reliable expert ACE
HBO alternative SHO
Social standing, for short REP
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